SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Review

Looking for a fancy glass top 4 burner gas stove which is within your budget? Well then you must know about the SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove. We have been using this 4 burner gas stove since a week and will be sharing our experience in this review.

Getting a gas stove is like getting the right partner in your kitchen for all the cooking needs. A good gas stove is certainly needed to cook well, fast and give a soothing experience. We will find out if this gas stove is great for your kitchen or not.

SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Review

SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Features

  • 2 Years complete Door Step Warranty
  • Manual 4 Burner LPG Gas Stove
  • Powder coated Black Body with 7 mm Toughened Glass, Prevents from Rust
  • 4 Brass Burners : 1 Jumbo, 2 Medium and 1 Small
  • 360 degree revolving nozzle for easy installation
  • Stainless Steel Double Drip Tray
  • Certified by ISI, CE, ISO Certified
  • ABS Knobs
  • MS Body
SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Review


SuryaFlame Nexa Range is truly a top designed LPG Gas Stove which is available in 2, 3 and 4 gas burners. The first thing which you will notice is the toughened black glass of just 7 mm. This makes the LPG stove look very much attractive in its design. It has 360 degree rotation nozzle which is easy to plug in the gas pipe.

SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Review

There are Brass burners which are of great quality and the stove has MS body. This stove is very much sturdy and can easily handle 4 heavy cookware on 4 burners at the same time. It has high thermal efficiency brass burner which helps to generate blue flame and make the cooking experience smarter and safer.

Overall we are impressed with the sleek and international look design of this gas stove. It will certainly provide an elegant look to your kitchen. There is heavy mild steel body which is rust free. The Backlite Knobs used are of great quality and unbreakable. There is zinc plated pipe for making it rust free. There are heavy gas burners. Overall this ISO certified gas stove has an impressive design.

User Experience

We have been using this gas stove since a week and sharing our experience with it. The first thing which we noticed that after using this gas stove the food got cooked quickly and easily than our old gas stove. So it does save your valuable time.

SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Review

There are 4 gas burners, so you can easily do multi tasking and use them to the fullest for your cooking needs. You can cook your meals quickly and efficiently. The blue flames are distributed evenly which heats the cookware perfectly and evenly from all sides.

This LPG gas stove is very much easy to clean. So if there are any food spills fallen on the stainless steel double drip tray, then you can remove the tray and wash them properly. Also the toughened glass top is easy to clean and looks like a new gas stove after every time you clean it.

SuryaFlame Nexa LPG Gas Stove Review

Its very important to keep your gas stove clean from time to time. Its super easy and convenient to clean the gas stove and many thanks to the stainless steel double drip tray.

Final Words

A gas stove is a very important kitchen appliance which will be with you for years. After our usage and experience I can definitely say that SuryaFlame Nexa LPG gas stove is the gas stove you must have in your kitchen. You can watch the video below to see the gas stove in action. Buy now from the link below to get exciting discounted price.

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