Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper Review – Easy Vegetable Chopping

Do you think that vegetables chopping is a tedious task? If yes then you must have a look at a very convenient solution. This is the Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper. We all know that chopping onion or other vegetables takes a lot of our time before cooking.

Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper Review - Easy Vegetable Chopping

But with a Handy Mini Chopper this problem can be solved. Even if you are having a food processor, in times of power cut you need a reliable solution. This Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper comes to your rescue.

Benefits of using Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper

✅ You can easily chop vegetables in seconds.

✅ Very much easy to use

✅ Easy to wash the chopper after use.

✅ Needs no electricity. In times of power cuts, this is a good solution to chop vegetables

✅ Comes with stainless steel blades which can finely chop the vegetables in no time.

✅ Can also be used to chop fruits too


It is having a very unique design. It consists of 3 main parts. These are the Bowl or Chopper vessel, Lid, and the Blade. The design is made with unbreakable ABS. This is a very good build. It can be certainly used to chop vegetables finely.

We loved the overall design of this Handy Mini Chopper from Pigeon. It is having a very minimalistic design indeed. There are 3 blades placed in a single unit. The orientation of the blades are in a very good manner which ensures proper chopping. It is completely safe to use as the chopping happens inside the chopper and there is no chance of any injury at all.

How to Use Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper

  1. It is very easy to use this chopper. We will guide you step by step and also share our valuable tips for sure.
  2. Place the blade on the center of the bowl properly
  3. While putting vegetables or fruits make sure that you cut the vegetables in crude pieces.
  4. Place the lid/cover on the bowl, lock it properly in the clockwise direction
  5. Make sure that you hold the body with one hand. Make sure that you keep one hand on the lid/cover and the other hand in a pulling action. (Kindly check out the below video to get a better idea)
  6. After chopping is done, open the lid/cover.
  7. Make sure that you remove the blades first and then remove the contents from the bowl. Its really important to remove the blades first as you should not put your hand inside the bowl with blades.
  8. Alas your chopping is done and the vegetables are ready to be cooked or your salad is ready to be served.

User Experience

It is very simple to use the chopper. We have extensively used the chopper to chop various vegetables. We chopped Onion, Carrot, Tomato and Green Chillies. It is simple as you can see in the video below too. The more you continue the process of chopping, the more finely chopped the vegetables are. So you can keep chopping more for more smaller pieces.

This is a very safe to use Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper. We liked the overall design and the best part is that it does not need any electricity to be used. While cutting with knife there are chances of injuries, with this chopper there no chance of any injury at all.

Final Verdict

If you want to ease your chopping tasks then this is the best solution. It does not even needs electricity and can be used in times of Power cuts too. If you are cutting by knife then there are chances of injury, this chopper eliminates that problem too. It is available at a very affordable price. It is highly recommended by us. What are you waiting for? Grab your Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper now.

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