Life Soya Chips Review

Are you looking for a healthy alternative for chips? Then you must certainly try out the Soya chips Masala Magic from Life. Munch now, feel wow. It is having net weight of hundred gram and has a price of rupees 60.

Life Soya Chips Review

It has ingredients which include Defated Soya flour, Urad Dal, refined palmolein oil, iodized salt, spices and condiments. These are some of the ingredients mentioned on the package. It is in a very nice packaged product, so good product design.

These are high in protein, high in taste and healthy munchies. It not only does look good, but we have tasted it and it is very much tasty as well. Abit salty and very much yummy. It’s a good alternative than the regular chips. Soya chips is a must have healthy chips for sure.

We enjoyed Soya chips masala magic from Life foods, that is high in protein, healthy snack with mid meal Munch. Late night snack as well, enjoy guilt-free snacking. This is a vegetarian product.

Soya Chips are perfect at your desk or party snack. You can eat any time and it is travel friendly as well. If you want to purchase it, do check out the link below. 

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