&Me Period Chocolates Review – Relief from Period Pain

Looking for something to get pain relief during periods and also enjoy dark chocolates at the same time? Today we have &me Period Chocolates for Cravings, energy and mood.

&Me Period Chocolates Cranberry

&Me Period Chocolates Cranberry

It is having Cranberry flavour so it consists of 70% cocoa and 30% goodness. There is no sugar and it is dark chocolate. &me is India’s first women’s health brand. Periods cause hormonal changes in the body, low serotonin and reduce blood sugar levels.

This period dark chocolate is a healthy and sugar free option for you to consume during periods. To satisfy craving and ease other period symptoms. For happy periods, they recommend 2 daily bites of &me chocolates.

Goodness includes Cocoa to get endorphins and serotonins, going stevia leaf to keep blood sugar in check. Magnesium and copper to satisfy your cravings. Ashwagandha to bring calmness and Cranberries as antioxidants. It has MRP of rupees 210. These are premium period dark chocolates of Cranberry. A bite of satisfaction. 

Benefits of &me period chocolates include:

✅ Reduces cravings

✅ Improves mood swings

✅Boosts energy

✅Relief from period pain and cramps

My partner’s experience was amazing. As this dark chocolate doesn’t have any sugar, so they are bitter but the cravings, energy and mood was switched, which is really good for periods. Must have period chocolates and Cranberries is a good flavour as well.

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&Me Period Chocolates Almonds & Sea Salts

&Me Period Chocolates Almonds & Sea Salts

This is the &me period chocolate, cravings, energy, mood, roasted Almonds & sea salts. This is another flavour from the company &me. It has 70% cocoa and 30% goodness. No sugar, dark chocolate. Total net weight is 45 grams. &me recommends 2 daily bites of &me chocolates and especially taken during the periods.

Best before 9 months from the date of packing. It has 5 Ayurvedic herbs. It is having roasted Almonds and sea salt as well. It is having very much premium packaging, nice product design. You can see the chocolates kept in proper sachets.

You can carry it with you in your purses, in your backpack while traveling as well. Even while you are working in a job you can carry it with you. It’s really good for travel friendly as well. You can enjoy the &me dark chocolates.

Though they are a bit bitter, but it will help you to get cravings, energy and mood. Period dark chocolates from &me are a must have during the periods. If you want to purchase them to check out the link below. My colleagues has enjoyed both these chocolates and as mentioned earlier. She had a delightful experience. 

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