Pet Saffa Review – Pet Saffa Granules & Pet Saffa Tablets

Are you having digestion issues due to consuming junk food or outside food? Well not a problem, you can certainly checkout Pet Saffa products. These are good for digestion.

Pet Saffa Granules Review

Pet Saffa Review - Pet Saffa Granules & Pet Saffa Tablets

These are the natural laxative granules from Pet Saffa. These are effective relief from constipation.

Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and its safe for daily use. This is a 20% extra pack. You get hundred gram plus 20 gram extra, so the net weight of this package is 120 gram. There are a lot of ingredients of this package.

Each hundred gram contains a lot of ingredients which include Senna, Kala Namak, Ajwain ,Haritaki, Nisot, Svarjiksara, Sendha Namak, Saunf, Castor Oil and preservatives. These are some of the ingredients mentioned on the package. There’s also indication, helpful in virechak, agnideepak and paachak.

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This is the indication. This important thing of dosage, one to one and half teaspoon that is 3-6 gram with warm water approximately 200 ml at bedtime or as directed by the physician. That is the dosage. These are some of the important instructions while using these Pet Saffa granules.

If you’re having digestion issues then you can certainly go for it. Smooth stool passage, good in digestion and it is a natural cleanser. You will be able to get regular bowel movement. We have unboxed it, so these are the granules. As mentioned earlier, so you will have to take it with water warm water at night or as directed by the physician.

These are completely adverse effects free. There are no Side Effects due to herbal ingredients. It is also suitable for healthy digestive system. If you want to have a good healthy digestive system then you can have these Pet Saffa granules. It is having a price of rupees 87 which is a great price.

My grandfather is regularly using Pet Saffa Granules and tablets since few days and he is getting decent results. For elderly people it’s really very much important to have a good stomach. Its safe for everyday use. 

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Pet Saffa Tablets Review

Pet Saffa Review - Pet Saffa Granules & Pet Saffa Tablets

Generally these days we have a lot of junk food and there are problems in digestion. To solve that you can easily have pet saffa tablet to solve this problem. It will also give you effective relief from constipation. These are the Ayurvedic ingredients as mentioned on the package.

Dosage is 1-2 tablets at bedtime with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. These tablets are very much handy with you. The MRP of these 30 tablets is just rupees 78.

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Generally while traveling, you might be eating a lot of junk food or outside Food and then your stomach may cause some problems to you, then you can have pet saffa tablets which will solve problem. It’s very important to take the right medicine for the right purpose.

Tablets are very much handy, you can carry it with you anywhere. These are travel friendly. Its recommended product to carry it with you in your luggage. In case any problems in your stomach you can certainly have it. Apart from granules, these are in tablet form that is the advantage.

In granules will have to mix it with water and have it. In tablets, no need for that. You can just have it with water. As mentioned earlier it is having a price of rupees 78 and it’s all the problems like gas, acidity and it is 100% Ayurvedic.

If you’re having any of these problems, make sure you get the medicine as early as possible. It is available at a very good deal. We are unboxing it. It is properly sealed. As we can see there is proper cotton inside. The tablets are kept very much neatly packed. Good packaging by Pet Saffa brand.

My grandfather is having Pet Saffa granules on regular basis. Though he carries the Pet Saffa tablets with him whenever he needs to travel. It’s really very much important and useful medicine. If you want to purchase it, kindly check out the link below.

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