Kattich Open Mini Griller Review – Sandwich Griller, How to make grilled sandwiches at home?

Looking for grilling your sandwiches or burger patties at home? Well you can also do a lot of food grilled with ease with an Open Mini Griller. Today we have Kattich Open Mini Griller. This is the package. Will soon unbox it. It is having 750 watt. It is the model PL 1782.

It is using 230 volt 50 hertz 750 watt Open Mini Griller. Nice packaging. It is it 2 in 1 electric Steel body Big size multi utility, full open press griller for sandwiches, paninis, chicken, with marble nonstick big size plate for home or Cafe use.

Kattich Open Mini Griller Review - Sandwich Griller, How to make grilled sandwiches at home?

Kattich Open Mini Griller

We can make a lot of stuff with it will also show you how we have made sandwiches with it. It is having non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Cool touch handle, power and ready light indicators, upright storage, automatic temperature control and plate sizes 230 x 145 millimetres.

There is a instruction manual inside. Make sure that you read the instruction manual carefully before using the open mini griller. Inside this manual you will get to know the do’s and don’ts. You will also get good important information of how to use it.


Will also show you the application of it. It was very much neatly packed. As we can see a good thermocol packaging. There is also an interesting grilling guide inside this instruction manual. Very neatly designed as we can see. Very good aesthetic design. Wow so nice griller from Kattich. The design looks very much elegant. It is having a marble non stick big size plate.

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Very much good design. This griller fully opens to 180 degrees which we will show you soon. Which doubles efficiency and enables the option for full grilling. You can also use it as a contact grilling. You can close it. We will show you, how you can use it. This is a locking system. In this way shown in the video you can easily close the grill.

We will soon make sandwiches and we will show you how you can utilise this locking system. This is the backside which you saw. It is a very much compact design. It is having a slim design which makes it easy to set-up. It does not take much of your space in the kitchen.

You can start grilling indoors. Those were two indicators. We’ll talk about how you can check out if the griller is ready or not. It is having a floating hinge as well. Cafe style floating lid adjusts to the thickness of any food. Living chat grill marks on anything you desire.

In this way as shown in the video you can open it to 180 degrees. You can utilise both the grills. You can grow a lot of stuff like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, sausages, sandwich and seafood.

User Experience

We will test it to use. We have first powered it ON. Two indicators lit up the Red and the Green one. As soon as the Kattich is open Mini Griller is ready the green light will go OFF and it is ready to use. In the meanwhile you can prepare your sandwiches.

You can add some butter, you can add some Green chutney, add some salad as per the taste, you can add tomatoes, add cucumber, so as per the need you can fill up your sandwich. You can also add onion. We can add cheese as well.

The sandwich is ready to get inside the Kattich open mini griller. As we can see the green light is off, that means that it’s ready to use. Let’s put inside our sandwich which we have recently prepared. Can’t wait to have it grilled. We will open it and we will put our sandwich inside.

This is thermostatically controlled. The unit will cycle on and off to maintain the desired cooking temperature and to avoid over cooking. There’s also a worry-free warranty which company provides. Every Kattich Appliance comes with one year of comprehensive warranty so that you can feel secure in your purchase.

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In this way you can keep your sandwich inside and then you can lock it. In this way you can lock it. As you can see our sandwich is getting prepared. Keep around three minutes in the first use, then later on you can keep on to 2 and half minutes as per our experience. Very nice fragrance of the sandwich, can’t wait to test it out.

Though you can see nice grilling marks on it. In this way you can keep on making sandwiches and keep them grilling and the taste was really amazing. It’s really good to have your sandwiches grilled. You can also grill a lot of items as mentioned earlier.

It is also easy for cleaning and maintenance. Will also tell you how to clean it as well. It is having total weight of 1.5 kg. You can carry this open mini griller anywhere with you. It is very much travel friendly. At picnics you can carry it with you. You need a good power supply, as it will need a 750 watt. It is 750 watt appliance.

Our sandwiches are ready. They are great and ready to be enjoyed. The taste was really amazing. The sandwiches were properly grilled and with it took only 3 minutes. It took really very much less time. Apart from that, are on the later stages in just two, two and half minutes the sandwiches were ready.

The two-sided cooking plates are really amazing. In just one go, you can use both the plates. This is a very nice Open Mini Griller. The inner plates are having marble non-stick coating. They will have two times more lifespan than the ordinary nonstick. It will help to get your food out quickly.

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When it’s done without ruining the looks by sticking. Moreover these marble nonstick plates are abrasion resistant for tougher, longer lasting quality. You can also enjoy grilled fishes, grilled patties for burgers and a lot of stuff. You can make a lot of things using this Kattich Open Mini Griller. Our experience with it was really amazing.

We not only made sandwiches then later on we certainly made good amount of dishes. It was really very much tasty and within few minutes it gets ready. The grilling is done within a very much less time. If you want to have a good open mini griller, have this one.

If you want to purchase it, check out the link below to get decent discount. This is a 2 in 1 Open Mini Griller. Which will save your valuable time. It is very much compact and you can carry it with you anywhere.

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