Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodrant Review

Having the right Deodorant for you is really important. Nivea has got a product for female audience. It has 48 hours of protection and has zero percent alcohol Licorice extracts. This product does look nice. As per the looks of the product it seems that this product is made for female audience as mentioned ago.

Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodrant Review

Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodrant Review

We will talk about how you can use it. You have to shake well before use. Spray directly on underarm skin. Hold the can 15 CM away from the underarm. Do not spray on clothes. Do not spray on broken or irritated skin. Allow the product to dry completely.

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As per the product info you get visible even tone and smooth and arms. It has day long odour control and gentle Nivea care. Feminine long lasting fragrance. It contains zero percent alcohol. It has skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodrant Review

 User experience

Our colleague Nikita has extensively used this product. As per her experience she is happy with the product. It has volume of 150 ml.  As this product is from Nivea it is a well-known brand. You can check the video below. You can see the locking system of the deodrant. So you can see how we have used this product. We checked the fragrance of this product, it is really amazing. It is a long lasting Deodorant for sure, so it’s very much value for money. We aare still unsure about the whitening toning part of the under arms but it has good fragrance that’s what we have experienced.

Price: INR 209 INR 188

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