Kesh King Hair Oil Review – Shampoo Free

Are you having hairfall issues, or you want a hairoil for good benefits. Then this hair oil is for you. You got to use a hair oil which will help to nourish your hair and it will keep them fit. The main fact is that it is really essential to use a good hair oil, as your hair needs the best. If you use any wrong products then it can damage your hair too. Mainly hair oil is applied just after shower in India. Though it can be applied once again at night giving a proper massage of your head.

Kesh King Hair Oil Review

Kesh King Hair Oil Review – Shampoo Free

We have been using this hair oil since long time. This is tried and tested by us about the benefits of this hair oil. The best part we liked is that we get Deep Root Comb for free. This is certainly revolutionary and useful. You can change the bottle cap of the hair oil bottle and use the Deep root comb. What it does is, it is able to point the hair oil directly to the scalp. This is important as hair oil needs to applied to the scalp for added benefits.

The importance of using the hair oil in scalp has amazing benefits and you have to try it. The fragrance of this ayurvedic oil is certainly different. Some people may not like the smell too. But it is the fragrance of the herbs. My favourite is the deep root comb which is helpful to put hair oil in the scalp.

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Best part is that you get Kesh King Shampoo worth INR 50 for free with this hair oil. This may be a limited offer, so you can avail the benefits of it. This hair oil is 2 times more effective. As per the company it is helpful for growing new hair and they say that it reduces hairfall.

This hair oil is perfectly addressing hair problems. Inside the package you can see the directions of use. You can also watch our video below.

You can massage well with Kesh King Oil and wash it off using the Kesh King Aurvedic shampoo.

This Hair Oil has herbs in it. These are:

  1. Yashtimadhu
  2. Japa
  3. Mangishtha
  4. Lodhra
  5. Goksura
  6. Karanja
  7. Tulsi
  8. Sthulaila
  9. Methi
  10. Kadi Patta
  11. Mehendi
  12. Bhringaraja
  13. Bibhitaka
  14. Nagkesara
  15. Mandukaparni
  16. Brahmi
  17. Til Tel
  18. Jatamansi
  19. Musta
  20. Amla
  21. Neem
  22. Kola
  23. Haritaki

This hair oil is of volume 100ml.

Price: INR 160
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