Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel Off Mask Review

Do you like to take care of yourself properly? It may be concerned from your skin perspective or from your face perspective as well. Taking proper care of your face and skin is really important. In the sun and in the heat, the dust outside your face my get tanned for sure.  To make sure that you keep your face clean from time to time it’s really important to use a peel off mask.

Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel Off Mask Review

Today we are bringing you a product which we have being using since long time. This is the Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel Off Mask.

Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel Off Mask Review


As you can in the image above, the product is very nicely packaged. Proper details are mentioned on the package of the product. Essential details like, it is made from orange is shown properly. On the backside of the product, proper instructions are mentioned. When you get using the product from the tube you will see proper shining product paste.

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How to use a peel off mask?

First you will have to wash your face. Next step is to apply the Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel Off Mask on your face. Make sure you apply a thick layer evenly on your face.

Please ensure that you do not put any of the peel off mask on your eyes and mouth as those are very sensitive areas.

Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel Off Mask Review

After applying the peel off mask keep it as it is for 15 to 20 minutes. You can just close your eyes and meditate or just listen to some music at your home. After it is done its time to remove the peel off mask. The proper method is to remove from the forehead to your chin. So start removing the peel off mask from your forehead first coming downwards to Chin. if you require you can wash your face later.

You will see an instant glow on your face. This is an ideal  peel off mask which can be used twice a week .

Weight of this product is 50 gram. It fights tan as mentioned by the company. If you want to go to an important meeting or to a party you can apply just before going.  You can get a very glowing face. The Orange fragrance from the product is really amazing.

Final Verdict

It is a very value for money product for sure. It is also available at a very budget price, so just go ahead and grab this product.

Price  INR 70 (Weight 50g)

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