Haldiram Halke Fulke Tangy Tomato Potato Chips Review

Today we have snacks food product. It is the Haldiram’s Halke fulke. It is the tangy tomato potato chips. Snack Lite super delight as the package says. For snacks you do need such chips. This is the package from the company Haldiram. Haldiram is known for their sweet products. Let’s taste it out. We haven’t tried chips from this brand yet. Let’s check it out how it tastes.

Haldiram Halke Fulke Tangy Tomato Potato Chips Review

Haldiram Halke Fulke Tangy Tomato Potato Chips Review

We have done more chips reviews. You can check links of these chips review. This is the product from the company Haldiram. Snack Light, Super delight. It is having tomato flavour. Can’t wait to open it and taste it out guys. Will surely do it soon. This is a complete hundred percent vegetarian product as we see the green mark. We will check out all the ingredients also. This is a 10 rupees pack from Haldiram.

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We will talk about the important ingredients. It is having Potato, Refined Palmolein oil, refined sugar, iodized salt, dehydrated vegetable, tomato(0.8%), onion, garlic and also spices & condiments, black pepper, Cumin, Clove, cinnamon, Ginger, acidity regulator and also vegetable protein, anticaking agent as well also it is having flavour enhancer.

Nutritional Information

Let’s talk about nutritional information per 100 gram. With this product per 100 gram you will get 534 kilocalories energy, carbohydrate is 52.9g, sugar is 1.82 gram, total fat is 32.39 gram, saturated fatty acids 13.15 gram, Mono saturated fatty acid is 11.54 gram and also poly unsaturated fatty acids is 2.9 gram and trans fatty acids is zero, protein is 7.65g, dietary fibre is 2.85 gram, sodium is 389 milligram and cholesterol is zero milligram. These were the nutritional information of the product. We can’t wait to have this chips. Halke fulke from Haldiram.

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User Experience

We will open it and lets taste it out guys. We are opening the package right now. We will try one chip and let you know our experience. So far we can see this bag is full of chips. A chip looks like this. So we just had one chip then had many. The taste was ok. There are better alternatives we believe like Balaji wafers and Lays as mentioned in the description below.

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Final Verdict

Personally we wont recommend this product but it is for one time I tried it out. There are better options available at that price for 10 rupees. Maybe the other flavours might be better of this brand Haldiram. That was our review from Flip Lifestyle.

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