Lays Maxx Macho Chilli review

Do you like crunching chips when you have time?  I like to eat chips in the evening time and many of you might like to eat in the breakfast or while working. So today we have Lays Maxx Macho Chilli. As you know Lays is a very popular brand. There are various products available from lays.

Lays Maxx Macho Chilli review

Lays Maxx Macho Chilli review

As we can see this package is well packed, the black colour and the red colour looks amazing. It seems to be very spicy but it isn’t. We will be sharing our experience of these chips. The weight of this package is 22.5 grams. We like to enjoy chips while drinking cold drinks. This is the Macho Chilli flavour.

It is medium spicy. It is having 34% fat per 100 gram The chips provide 546 energy. They are very large chips. You will get very few chips in the pack. You can watch a video below, the pack is only priced at rupees 10. You can buy now from the link below. Kindly share your experience in the comments below.

Price : Rs 10

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