Bingo Potato Chips Review

Today we have a snacks/food product. These are the Bingo Potato chips. Bingo potato chips, it is having Chilli sprinkled. It is original style. It’s a complete vegetarian product. We’ll talk about all the features in it. In the ending we will also share our taste experience as well. This is the packaging.

Bingo Potato Chips Review

Bingo Potato Chips Review

They are show casing the process. Secret Flavours developed by Master Chefs of ITC hotels to give you the most flavorful chips is mentioned by the company. These are crispy and hot Chillies are used in Bingo potato chips to make it mouth watering and eye watering bite into one. It’s truly irresistible as said that by the company. I cannot wait to taste it out guys. We will talk about the nutrition information later on.

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Let’s talk about the ingredients as well. It is having Potato 55.7%, refined palmolein, seasoning mix, it is having iodised salt ,chilli powder 1.1%, spices and condiments, onion, maltodextrin, refined wheat flour, milk solids, black salt, tomato powder, tomato paste, anticaking agent, refined sugar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, acidity regulator, garlic, anticaking agent, flavour enhancers and iodized salt. Used as Natural flavouring agent. These were the ingredients in this package. It is a pack of rupees 10. The net weight of this package is 28 grams only.

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Nutritional Value

Per hundred can you get nutritional value, energy of 544 kilocalories, 7.1 gram of protein, 54.2 gram of carbohydrate, of which 2.6g is sugar, fat is 33.2 gram, Trans fat is 0.1 gram. Saturated fat is 16.2 gram and sodium is 859 milligram. Those were the nutritional information. We cannot wait to open this package. Let’s check out the Bingo potato chips.

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We can’t wait to taste it guys. Looks really nice. These seem to be very much lightweight, crispy. As you can see the chip closely. This is one of the chips, potato chips looks really delicious. If you like spices, if you like spicy food, if you like Chilli then you must try this out. Now I am trying it out for sure. Can’t wait to taste it guys. Tasting the Bingo chips. Wow it was really amazing. I like Chilli, so I really liked this flavour.

Final Verdict

I will surely recommend this product to everyone. That was our review of The Bingo potato chips. If you want to buy it, check out the link below.

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