Aureana Luminos Brightening Serum Review

Keeping your face brighten is important and you must use a brightening serum. Today we have Aureana Luminos Brightening Serum. It is dermatologically tested and has net volume of 30 ml. Luminos brightening serum has a unique blend of skin brightening ingredients which works on the skin’s melanin production.

Aureana Luminos Brightening Serum Review

These products are paraben free, hundred percent veg, dermatologically tested, no sulfates, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. These are quality ingredients with great texture, efficacious formulations, skin friendly with soothing fragrance.

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There are also directions to use, we will tell you how you can apply it as well. This brightening serum is having MRP of rupees 1299 only. Wow amazing product design, as you can see in the video below. It is having a transparent lid, this is a very compact bottle  and it is having pump action.

We will also show you in the video below, how you can use it. In this serum, skin’s melanin production is certainly increased. All details are mentioned on the product design, very well made product design for sure. 

How to use Brightening Serum

After washing with Luminos brightening face wash, apply an adequate quantity of luminos brightening serum. In this way as shown in the video below you can apply and then you can gently massage it until fully absorbed. For better results you can use it at night before sleeping. You can see the skin is very much nourished in the video below. 

Benefits of Brightening Serum

✅ It builds keratin to keep the skin firm

✅ Treats hyperpigmentation

✅ Controls skin darkening

✅ Protects skin from inflammation, uv-b rays and redness

✅ It promotes growth of new skin cells.

✅ It also controls skin darkening. 

My colleague has been using the serum  since few days and she is happy using this product. Though the mrp is 1299 you will get amazing discount if you check out the link below. 

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