Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum Review

You need a good hair serum from time to time to nourish your hair. You need to have a look at Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum.  It is a blend of conditioners, amino acids, UV filter, antioxidant and hair moisturizers. It is having net volume of 50ml. It is a fibre sealing serum.

Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum Review

It instantly seals, smoothens, softens, strengthens and repairs dry, rough, Tangled hair. It is ideal to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. It also helps to treat split ends and has MRP of rupees 249 only. There are a lot of details mentioned on the package.

Will also show you how you can use it as well. It is a very nice product design in a transparent bottle. It seals cracked damaged hair and seals split ends and giving strength. It also creates invisible protective film which coates each stand and protects against harsh chemicals and conditions.

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Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum Review

How to use Hair Serum

Pour a coin size on your palm depending on density and length of your hair. Rub on both hands together to spread it and then apply along the length of your hair evenly all the way to the tips till is hair strand it covered from the base. You can apply in the manner as shown in the video.

Make sure you properly apply and then you can certainly leave it. You can use Hair Comb and manage hairstyle without rinsing off. So there is no need to rinse off the hair after applying you can easily use a comb to style your hair and manage your hairstyle. It’s very easy to use this hair serum.

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It is really nice product suitable for frizzy hair. It has been indicated for hair growth, UV protection. Its for both men and women. This is a very nice hair serum and we have been using it since pass few days and results are good. If you want to purchase it in a discounted price do check out the link below. 

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