Khadi Essentials Red Onion & Black Seed Oil Hair Cleanser Review

Are you looking for a good Hair cleanser? Well then you must have a look at Khadi Essentials Red Onion and Black Seed Oil Hair Cleanser for hair fall control. It is sulphate and paraben free and has net volume of 200 ml. It is having a very nice lid locking system.

Khadi Essentials Red Onion & Black Seed Oil Hair Cleanser Review

Red onion oil and black seed hair oil is a combination of the most nutrient rich ingredients that help to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall. In this super bioactives like sesame, White Tea, Vitamin E which helps to strengthen hair strands, reduce hair breakage and repair damaged hair, get strong hair and a healthy scalp with Khadi Essentials Red onion and Black Seed Oil hair Cleanser.

It also helps to reduce hair fall promotes hair growth and strengthening the shaft. It is having an MRP of rupees 795 only and some of the notable ingredients include Red Onion Seed Oil, Onion Black Seed Oil and Vitamin E. 

Benefits of using this hair cleanser

✅ It helps to stimulate hair growth.

✅ Provides nourishment to the hair

✅ Brings back volume and bounds

✅ Helps in reducing dandruff.

The total MRP is 795 as mentioned earlier. If you want to purchase it at a discounted rate don’t forget to check out the link below. We have been using this cleanser since past few days and experience is wonderful.

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