SelfySkin Face Wash Review

Looking for a decent face wash for a daily use? Today we have SelfySkin Face Wash. This Face Wash is made with exotic green coffee. Gender no bar, this is for both men and women. It is having Digital Detox Foaming. This is a millennial face wash.

SelfySkin Face Wash Review

It is having volume of 60 ml. It helps to remove discolored and dead skin cells. It also helps to reduce open pores and large pores. It gives long lasting oil control and is best for  oily skin, acne and acne prone and dull skin. It is suitable for vegans, free from harmful Chemicals and there are a lot of ingredients as mentioned on the product.  

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It is having a nice product design. You can keep it near your wash basin or in your restroom. There are directions to use as mentioned. Moisten your face and apply a small amount of selfyskin face wash. Massage with your finger tips to gently work up the lather and to Scrub your forehead, nose and Chin thoroughly.

Rinse Off with water and pat dry. It is dermatologically tested, not tested on animals, suitable for vegan, paraben free, soap free and pH balanced. We have unboxed it, unwrapped it. As you can see very nice face wash. It is having transparent solution. It is having very nice fragrance.

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You can use it anytime. Though we use it after coming from outside of before going to outside and after workout, its recommended to have a good face wash and this can be your good choice. It is having solution for clean and clear face.

It is having deep cleansing, moisturizing face wash with long-lasting oil control. It is made with safe ingredients. It is paraben free and silicone free as well. We have been using since past few days and we are feeling fresh. Face Wash is like a recommended product for sure and it should be at your place.

If you want to purchase it, is having an MRP of rupees 249 only. Though if you want discount don’t forget to check out the link below.

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