Anaganaga Desi Energy Bar Review

Today we have Anaganaga Desi Energy Bar. Feel the crunch, while you munch. This is the package and it is having a lot of details mentioned on it. It is also having Moringa, the the super clean food. Moringa is one of the most nutrient-densed plants on the planet.

Anaganaga Desi Energy Bar Review

It’ll give you to 2X Protein, 4X times Iron, 3X calcium and 2.5X fibre as well. It is having MRP of rupees hundred and there are 11 packs inside. This is a 10 plus one offer. Peanut moringa Chikki or Desi energy bar is a different variant among all other chikkis.

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It incorporates the goodness of moringa taken in appropriate proportion. To make a nutritious and delicious. Peanuts is very much healthy, good for kids to snack on. These healthy candies which provide nutrition and also full the stomach. You can eat it anytime.

Anaganaga Peanut Moringa Chikki bar with natural immune system boosters. There are small packets inside. Very nice packaging. These are all natural anytime snack. Antioxidant rich and there no preservatives. These are like 10 rupees bar each.

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Though if you buy a pack of 10 you will get one for free so the MRP is rupees hundred. These are very much delicious, tasty and healthy. You can munch it any time, especially during the snacks or after workout or before workout or whenever you feel hungry.

These snacks can be very much handy and you can carry them inside your pockets. Also in a travel, backpacks while traveling these will certainly help you. You can certainly it as snacks. If you want to purchase them, do check out the link below.

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