Seer Secrets Micro Facial Exfoliant Review

Looking for a natural exfoliating facial scrub? You must have a look at Seer Secrets Micro Facial Exfoliant. This is the mother of Pearl and Volcanic Ash. It is for Amplify, buff and Radiance. Net weight is 40 grams. It is a very nicely packaged product. We will about the key ingredients and a lot of details as mentioned on the package.

Seer Secrets Micro Facial Exfoliant Review

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Some of the key ingredients include flax seed oil, Anatmool Ext, Arjun ext, pearl powder, coco butter and many more it is having MRP of rupees 531. There is also how to use. We will show you the application of the product as well. Some of the product benefits are also mentioned.

Mother of Pearl is a natural exfoliating Scrub that peels of the skin layer and gives a dirt free and Shiny look. Very neatly packed product. This is a very nice glass jar. You can keep the Exfoliant inside it. Will show you how you can apply this exfoliant on your face in the video below. 

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How to use the Micro Facial Exfoliant

You can remove the glass jar from the package. Then you can squeeze a coin sized amount like this onto your palm and lather up with water. You can mix some water in it and gently massage your wet face for 20 to 30 seconds.

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In this way shown in the video you can gently massage it around 20 to 30 seconds. After scrubbing make sure you rinse it off with water properly. You will have a glowing skin.

Benefits of using Micro Facial Exfoliant

✅ It is a creamy exfoliant. It helps in removing dark spots and acne making it clear and glowing.

✅ It contains proteins that stimulate the regeneration of collagen in your skin. Mother-of-pearl is a natural exfoliating Scrub that peels of the skin layer and gives dirt free and Shiny look.

✅ It is also helpful for removing dark spots and acne, making skin clear and glowing.

✅ It is for all skin types for men and women. It is having cream base. Packaging is really amazing as mentioned.

✅ The Scrub is naturally made. It is also known to improve skin texture, reduce scarring and control oilness.

✅ It gives a glow to the face that lasts long with regular use.

✅ We can achieve a great glow on your face by using this exfoliant from the Seer secrets.

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This is the mother of Pearl from Seer Secrets and it is available at MRP of rupees 531. Though you will get amazing discount if you check out the link below. My colleague has been using it since past few days and she is getting some amazing results. We do recommend this product to everyone. If you want to purchase it don’t forget to check out the link below to get some decent discount.

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