Premier Roti Maker Review

Roti or Chapati has been an integral part of our Indian food. We enjoy them both at lunch and dinner and without them our meals are incomplete. What if I tell you that you can make perfect round Rotis with the help of Roti Maker. Well its very much possible with the Premier Roti Maker. We have been using this roti maker since long time and sharing our experience with you all.

Premier Roti Maker Review

Premier Roti Maker Features:

  • Non Stick Coating Surface
  • 900W Heater
  • Dual Heating Plates
  • Multi Purpose Design
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body
  • Auto Cut Off with Power Indicator
  • Suitable for Roti, Pancake, Omelette, Uthappam, Bread Toast and more.

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Premier Roti Maker Review


This is a high quality Roti maker which is designed to make perfect round and fluffy rotis. Its safe and easy to use. The design is very much user friendly. There are dual heating plates and it has a non stick coating surface. The body is made of durable stainless steel. There is also a Auto cut off feature with power indicator, so power is not always On, it keeps the roti maker heated enough for the usage. The design is shockproof and safe to use. Overall a very thoughtful design.

Premier Roti Maker Review

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User Experience

We have been extensively using this roti maker and sharing our experience with you. You have to plug in and switch ON the roti maker. Rotis can be made in less time. Even khakras can be made in this Roti maker. This is a multi purpose food maker where you can make rotis, uthappam, omelette, khakras and much more. With the help of this roti maker you can make perfect round rotis and that too fluffy. Many people are not able to make round rotis and with the help of this roti mker they can make perfect round rotis.

Final Verdict

If you are a hostelite or a home maker or you are living alone then this Roti maker is for you. There is only need of electricity so many times if the gas is over or there is unavailability of Gas stoves this Roti maker will help you to make Rotis. You can make perfect rotis at home. We have been using it since long time and will be certainly recommending it to you.

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