Wonderchef Nigella Tri-Ply Kadhai Review

Looking for a quality stainless kadhai which will be in your kitchen for years. Well then you must know about Wonderchef Nigella Tri-Ply Kadhai. We have been using this Kadhai since long time and sharing our experience with you.

Wonderchef Nigella Tri-Ply Kadhai Review

Wonderchef Nigella Tri-Ply Kadhai Features

  • This is a stainless steel kadhai which comes with a stainless steel lid
  • 30 cm diameter kadhai and has massive capacity of 4.6 litres
  • Thickness of 2.5mm
  • Layer of Aluminum is sandwiched even at the sides between two layers of highgrade steel. Steel used is superior food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel on the inside and 430 on outside
  • Thick base to ensure food doesn’t get burnt
  • Triply walls allows even distribution of heat throughout
  • Ideal for homechefs and professional chefs
  • Strong diecast stainless steel handles
  • Serves upto 2-8 people
  • Weight 1kg 710g
  • Comes with amazing 10 years warranty
Wonderchef Nigella Tri-Ply Kadhai Review


In the first look you see a huge stainless steel kadhai. What we liked is that it comes with a good quality stainless steel lid. This kadhai is of 30 cm diameter and has massive 4.6 litre capacity. So you can easily cook for 6-7 people if needed. This kadhai has thickness of 2.5mm.

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This is a high quality stainless steel kadhai and it gets even distribution of heat throughout. Overall the exterior mirror finish to this kadhai makes it look very much elegant and can be suitable in any kitchen. Overall a thoughtful and elegant design, a high quality cookware.

Wonderchef Nigella Tri-Ply Kadhai Review

User Experience

We have been using this kadhai since long time and it is very much useful in daily cooking. You can make a lot of dishes apart from the sabjis. You can make curries, noodles, pasta, deep frying and much more. It is a large kadhai so you can easily cook food for 6-7 people at the same time.

You can prepare a variety of dishes and we have also prepared some dishes and you can watch them in the video below. Overall we are happy with this kadhai as it will be with us for years to come.

Final Verdict

It is a high quality stainless steel kadhai. You can easily cook food for 6-7 people at a time in this kadhai which will save your valuable time. Comes with 10 years of warranty which is just unbelievable. Will certainly recommend it to you all. Kindly check out the link below to get the best deal and discount.

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