My Mall Garlic Minced Review

Getting help in your kitchen is a time saver. What if a food product will save your valuable time and can provide you nice flavours in your dishes. Today we have My Mall Garlic Minced. This is an interesting food product. We need such products in our kitchen on a daily life.

My Mall Garlic Minced Review

My Mall Garlic Minced Review

This is the garlic minced by My Mall and we will talk about all the features of this product. It’s important to use natural products. This is another natural product from the company My Mall.

We’ll talk about the interesting features of this product. It is 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% percent vegan, no additive, no preservatives, no GMO, is gluten free, Halal and Kosher. As we can see this is the package.

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Garlic Minced

These are the details as mentioned earlier. This is an airtight package, very nicely packed. You can actually use the garlic minced. Garlic minced is made from garlic cloves that have been dehydrated and ground into fine powder.

The flavour is Garlicky, but vastly different than fresh chopped garlic. It tastes sweeter and much less assertive than fresh garlic. Those were the mentioned details on the package. Let’s check out, that they are that much sweet or not.

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Nutritional Facts

We will talk about the nutritional facts as well. Per 100 gram it is having 331 calories energy, total fat is 0.7 gram, saturated fat from his is 0.2 gram, poly saturated fat is 0.2 gram as well, monounsaturated fat is 0.1 gram, cholesterol is zero milligram, that is amazing.

Sodium is 60 milligram, potassium is 1193 milligram, total carbs is 73 grams. Dietary fibre is 9 gram, protein is 17 gram, sugar is 2.4 gram, Vitamin A is 0%, Vitamin C is 2%, vitamin D is 0%, Vitamin B6 is 85% and Vitamin B12 is 0%. These are having 7% calcium, 31% iron and 19% magnesium. These are amazing nutritional facts of this product.

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So we are unboxing the package. Let’s check out what’s inside. These are the garlic minced. This is the garlic minced. You can use daily in your food. While cooking you can make garlic chutney, Garlic soup as well.

This is the garlic minced. You can use for fast cooking as well. This garlic minced can can be used instead of garlic, in meals which require only the same flavour but not the same texture as the one belonging to the fresh garlic.

User Experience

Garlic minced is used in various recipes such as soups, sauces, stews or as a seasoning for meat dishes mixed in with. These are the directions of how to use them. Mix them with bread or pasta Duff and in burgers.

Garlic minced are widely used in number of food items like Chinese food, soup, fast food, Pizza, vegetables, sandwich dry sauces, salad dressing, etc. We have used Garlic minced while making pizza.


Garlic minced can be roasted or fried until crisp and dry. Garlic minced are attractive garnish as well as a nice pleasure to light dishes. Having Garlic minced is like a Chef’s necessity for sure. It will certainly give amazing flavour in your food. You can use in variety of dishes as mentioned earlier

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