MOND’SUB 3 in 1 Mask Sheet Review – 3D Hanging Ears Neck & Facial Sheet Mask

Hello! Looking for a Sheet mask which will bring in glow to your face and neck? Then you must check out MOND’SUB 3 in 1 mask. It is a very good mask, 3D hanging ears, that is face and neck mask sheet. There is also essence. It is having natural extract. It is Pearl revitalizing. It is good for Lightning, brightening, revitalizing, lifting and firming.

MOND'SUB 3 in 1 Mask Sheet Review - 3D Hanging Ears Neck & Facial Sheet Mask

It comes with Vitamin C essence. Lightning the pores. It has net weight of 35 gram. We will show you how you can apply this sheet mask. Looking young and beautiful, sitting at home and even during watching TV at your home also you can apply this sheet mask. Kindly watch the video below for the video demonstration. 

How to use the Mask Sheet?

Remove the mask from the package and apply the mask on the cleansed face. Hang the the mask into your ears. You can apply the 3D mask from face to neck, the complete skincare. Make sure you apply properly as shown in the video. After applying, leave it for 15 minutes.

It is effective in anti-ageing, bleaching, anti-wrinkle and brightening essence that has an excellent effect. Feel the difference immediately. This mask and efficiently hydrate and moisturize the skin. This is an instant facial mask. We will apply the vitamin C essence. Apply it on your face and neck. 

The important ingredients which include Aqua, Hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid and much more in this Vitamin C essence. Massage skin gently with finger tips for better absorption. You can see the glow on the face. You can use this mask as an instant facial mask.

It also accelerate cell renewal. Important thing is result on skin which helps you get skin glow and also makes you look fresh with brightness. Though it is having MRP of rupees 250 it is available at a best discount of rupees 94 only if you check out the link below.

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