Thailand Trip – Phuket, Krabi, Scuba Diving

Sharing my trip’s experience where I will let you know what all places I visited. So with my friend we decided to visit the Land of Smiles. A beautiful country which has 2 beautiful islands of Phuket and Krabi.

We did the booking of the whole trip ourselves. Right from the flight tickets, hotel bookings and the places we visited. Will let you know how we did that and tips to visit these beautiful places.

Went to Phuket first. At this place we did booked Island Tours. So we booked the Long Island Tour. Guess what, Phi Phi Island tour was also there.

We booked these day tours from the local travel agents in Phuket which is really amazing.

Always make sure that you book sure local tours from the location itself and not before hand as the pricing may be very high due to the middleman agents.

We had booked speed boat which was the best decision as the time is saved and the fun is more. This was my second international destination. All these day tours had an amazing thing. It had pickup and drop right from our hotel. So always book the hotel in close by proximity to the city areas as you will gain these advantages.

Scuba Diving at Phi Phi Island

We got an opportunity to do Scuba Diving at Phi Phi Island. Had never done scuba diving in my whole life. Though took this interesting challenge and went ahead. The best part was that with every 2 people there was an instructor with you inside the water to guide.

Before entering the waters they give you a briefing of 10 minutes. Do listen to the instructions carefully. There are sign languages which you need to use inside water. I love taking stunts and challenges in my life and this was another one.

We were equipped with the suits and the instructor showed to breathe through the cylinder. Also as I have power lens so the instructor gave power lens which was amazing. We did practice in water 5 feet. Then once confidence was gained we went in deep water in the sea.

This was much fun as the fishes were around and you get to enjoy the marine life. We went deeper and deeper and found the Nemo fish too which was beautiful. You can watch the video below to see how I enjoyed Scuba Diving. Once it was complete we were hungry and enjoyed the dinner which was full of protein indeed.

Then we hopped into our speed boat to go onto other islands. On Day 2 we also went for Canoeing which was my first experience in Life. there were amazing destinations and felt like I am on a Paradise Island. The places where a boat can’t go you can experience by Canoeing.

It was wonderful experience indeed. We visited places where you got to go in caves and you see an island enclosed in mountain which was cool. We visited many islands via speed boat and have recorded those lovely moments in the video below.

The beautiful sea and clear water makes me feel amazing to relive those moments on the beaches of these lovely islands. Also visited the James Bond Island which is certainly cool.

Tiger Park, Phuket

Another day we spent visiting the Tiger Park in Phuket. The exciting part was that we opted for touching the tiger. We opted to touch from smallest cub to the largest of the tigers inside the cage.

Yes we went inside the Cage of the tiger and not only touched it I also lifted Tiger’s Tail. This was an unbelievable experience indeed. You can overcome your fears in a safe environments like the Tiger Park. I enjoyed my time with the tigers.

Then we headed on to Krabi via flight from Phuket.

Tiger Cave Temple (Big Buddha Temple), Krabi

Tiger Cave Temple (Big Buddha Temple), Krabi

We had booked an island tour. Where we visited the Tiger Cave Temple. It is on the mountains and you will see a huge statue of Lord Buddha. To visit the temple you have to climb 1300 steps which was a task indeed. It feels great when you visit on the top of the mountain and enjoy the scenic view and be peaceful. We also did a quick meditation and it was an amazing experience indeed.

On the same day itself we also visited Hot springs in Krabi. It was fun to get into the hot water which is made naturally. What a great Nature we have and a wonderful world we live in!

Rocket Ball Ride

This is one of the most scariest rides of the world I can say. You sit inside that ball and it rotates front and back, up and down and you and hung up to those ropes. That was superb! Though to enjoy such rides you need a very strong determination. You can see the video below to know exactly what I am talking about. That ride will have a sweet spot in my life. I felt like I have achieve something great once the ride was over. You can see my walk after the ride.

Mechanical Spanish Bull Ride

All these rides were unplanned and were decided spontaneously. This was fun indeed. You sit on a mechanical spanish bull, and all you can hold is small threads. The bull starts rotating and also up and down and you cannot predict and you need to balance as well. It was fun for sure.

Turkish Ice Cream

We enjoyed a lot of delicacies in Thailand. Though this was a fun experience where in the Turkish Ice cream is served in a very funny way. You can see how the ice cream man dodges the ice cream before giving it to my hand.

Sanctuary of Truth Temple

Visited this amazing place where in you get peace of mind listening to the sea waves. I really recollected Game of Thrones when I visited this place. You must certainly visit the cultural places to know more indeed.

Koh Larn Island

This is a beautiful island which is huge and you can rent a scooter and explore yourself as we did. There are many beaches. Also you need to go to this island by boat. You can watch the video below.

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