Mirah Belle Turmeric Sandalwood Healing Soap Review

If you are looking for a good healing soap then you must have a look at Mirah Belle Turmeric Sandalwood Healing Soap. It is 100% natural, handmade and it is sulphate and paraben free. Net weight of the soap is 75 gram.

Mirah Belle Turmeric Sandalwood Healing Soap Review

Sandalwood is an anti-inflammatory agent that may provide relief from mild inflammation such as insect bites, contact irritation or other skin conditions. Skin types which can be healed are like inflamed, acne prone and infected skin. Some of the ingredients as mentioned are sandalwood oil, turmeric oil and organic soap base. 

Benefits of Sandalwood Turmeric Soap

✅ Sandalwood turmeric organic soap which is combined with the naturally astringent.

✅ It purifiers and has cooling properties of Sandalwood, with the cleaning, softening and toning properties are there of turmeric.

There are directions to use as well. Rub generously on wet skin and can be used on face and body. After use, rinse it well. It has MRP of rupees 118, though you will get amazing discount if you check out the link below. You need bathing soap on a daily basis, and the best part is that you can use it on your face as well.

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Fragrance of the soap is amazing. It’s very natural soap as well. Another advantage is that this is a healing soap. If you have any of the above-mentioned problems like mild inflammation, insect bites, are contact irritation you must use a healing soap.

This will all your problems, as it is having Turmeric in it and Sandalwood will give you a good fragrance in the soap. This is a must use product if you have any problems in irritation or have a very sensitive skin.

If you want to purchase it, do check out the link below. We have been using it since past few days and my experience was nice with it. You can grab this soap at a good discount from the link below.

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