Blend Art Stand Mixer Review

Looking for the ultimate stand mixer which can do kneading, beating & whisking? Well then you must know about Blend Art Stand Mixer. It has a 1500W heavy duty motor and 6 speed control. We have been using this Stand mixer for more than a week and sharing our experience.

Blend Art Stand Mixer Review

Blend Art Stand Mixer Features

  • 6 Litre Detachable mixing container
  • 1500W Powerful Motor
  • ABS Body
  • 3 Attachments
  • Tilt Head
  • Overheat Protection
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Anti-slip Base
  • 6kg 500g weight
  • Planetary mixing operation
  • Attractive color box packaging
  • Ideal for Home bakers & small bakeries
  • 30 Days Return Policy
  • 1 Year warranty


In the first look this stand mixer looks neat, clean and spectacular in its White color. The best part it is that it has a powerful 100% copper winding 1500W. This stand mixer has 6 speed settings and also a Pulse function to use the stand mixer exactly as per the user’s requirements.

Blend Art Stand Mixer Review

The stainless steel bowl is of 6 litre capacity and is of great quality too. The bowl is made of food-grade stainless steel material. There are 3 attachments which you get with the stand mixer. Dough Hook and Beater are having teflon coating which makes it very easy to clean. This stand mixer has tilt head design which makes easy installation of the bowl and accessories.

It has anti Slip design as there are 4 strong silicone cups under the stand mixer base to prevent the machine from “walk” during the operation. Overall we are impressed with the design of this stand mixer. It does look aesthetically amazing and is of superior quality too.

Blend Art Stand Mixer Review

User Experience

We have been using this stand mixer since long time. You can do variety of tasks like kneading, beating and whisking. For making large doughs this stand mixer is perfect as it has large capacity of 6 litres. It is also superb in beating and whisking. If you whisk or beat with hand it might take a lot of time, but with a stand mixer your hardwork and time is saved a lot.

Blend Art Stand Mixer Review

You can make dough for making pasta or bread with ease. You can also use the beater for stirring butter, salad or even meat filling. Its great for whisking too as it uniformly whisks the ingredients. Kindly watch the video below to see how we made butter using this stand mixer.

Final Verdict

This is a brilliant stand mixer for homechefs and even for small bakeries. We will certainly recommend it to you as it will help your major tasks of kneading, beating and whisking. To purchase it at a discounted price kindly checkout the link below.

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