Zymo Daily Hair Care Shampoo Review – Pro B5

It’s very important to take care of your hair regularly. Today we have Zymo Hair Care shampoo Pro B5. With vitamins, amino acid, aloe vera, tea tree oil and Rosemary oil. It is gentle on hair. No SLES, no paraben, no colorant. It can also be used as daily hair cleanser.

It’s good for conditioning, hydrating and softening hair. It has net volume of 200 ml. Very nice attractive product design. There are a lot of details mentioned on the product design as well. It is good for Hair. Gentle Hair cleanser for daily use.

Zymo Daily Hair Care Shampoo Review - Pro B5

Tea tree oil and Rosemary oil helps to prevent dandruff and keeps scalp moisturized, clean, healthy and free from bad odour. It is for both men and women. It is having an MRP of rupees 150 only. It is value for money as well. Will talk about the directions to use. Wet your hair.

Take sufficient amount of the shampoo in cup or small tub and add some water and dilute or take sufficient amount of shampoo directly in your palm. Apply the same to your wet hair and gently massage for a while. Wash your hair with clean water. Repeat if required.

For best results use daily. This is a very nice shampoo. We have been using it since past few days and the results are really good. If you are experiencing any dandruff issues, then you must use this this Zymo Daily Hair Care Shampoo Pro B5. If you want to purchase it, kindly check out the link below.

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