STAMIO Cucumber Gel Review

Looking forward to have a perfect skin care routine? Well then you must have a gel which can do skin softening and moisturizing. Recently we used STAMIO Cucumber Gel and will be sharing our experience with you.

STAMIO Cucumber Gel Features

✅ Suitable or All Skin Types

✅ No Added Artificial Fragrance/Color

✅ Net Volume 200ml

✅ Ideal for Under Eye Puffiness

✅ Dissolves Dark Circles, Dark spots

✅ Can be used by both Men & Women

✅ Natural Ingredients

How to use Cucumber Gel?

Well before applying the gel, make sure that you clean your face with a face wash. Then take small amount of the gel on to your palm and apply to your face and neck area. Massage it gently for few minutes untill it gets completely absorbed into the skin.

User Experience

We have used it extensively for a week and the results are great. Especially if you are having a rugged skin, it makes it soft and also moisturizes it. As it is natural gel, you can use it without any hesitation. If you have dark circles they will be lighten.

Final Verdict

A must have in your daily skin care routine. A must buy for people who are having problems of dry skin.

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