Saffola Fittify Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake Review

Looking for a healthy lifestyle, then you must have healthy food intake. Saffola fittify has healhty products both for men and women. So we thought to do some shopping of protein and gummies on this website. So kindly read the article to know more about our experience and what we purchased.

Saffola Fittify Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake Review

The most important and awesome part while making decision to buy it was the shaker. If I purchase the shaker only it would had costed Rs.500 but this combo of Saffola Fittify Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake with shaker makes it good. In my fitness journey I was looking for slim meals.

This is the perfect shake which I was looking for. It has protein and it will make me slim as well. So it is a combination of both. What I liked about it is the flavour, it does taste so good, it comes with Royal Kesar Pista flavour. So you can enjoy this shake and its healthy too.

If you are looking for healthy meal then you must have protein in it. I have started consuming it and I am feeling lighter. I am daily doing cardio and weight training in gym to loose weight and this is like the most needed protein for me at this time.

Fat loss is a process and with this protein shake I am able to achieve my fitness goals with ease. It is able to add nutrition and flavour both. So I like such healthy food products. Don’t forget to bookmark our website so that you get to know about such amazing products in the coming days.

It is beautifully crafted by nutritionists and curated by the well known chef Kunal Kapoor. It also has Soya and casein protein. It comes with dietry fibre, 25 vitamins and minerals and 5 superfoods. So the idea is that when you replace it with regular meal, you end up consuming 60% less calories which is just great for weight loss and managing your weight.

You also get a premium plastic shaker with this shake. This shaker is made with BPA Free Pastic. It comes with leakproof lid and has plastic whisk ball. There is also embossed markings. Net quantity is 420g and it has whey protein concentrate, skimmed milk powder, turmeric, moringa, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. It is a vegetarian food product.

Saffola Fittify The Perfekt Gummies For Hair Skin & Nail Health

Taking care of hair, skin and nails is important. What if you enjoy tasty gummies which can also be helpful in taking care of hair, skin and nails. It is able to control hair loss and provides you healthy skin glow. So 1 gummy contains Vitamin E, Zinc and Folate. In this pack you will get 30 gummies. Recommended usage is for 13 years and above and 1 gummy per day. It is not recommended for children. Per gummy you also get 8 kcal of energy and no fat at all.

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