Rallison Deluxe Pressure Cooker Review

Having a good Pressure Cooker in your kitchen is a necessity. You can easily make Rice, Pulav or Biryani and also can cook dal with ease. Apart from this you can also prepare many delicacies in a Pressure Cooker making it an essential part of your kitchen.

Rallison Deluxe Pressure Cooker Review

Rallison Deluxe Pressure Cooker Features

✅ Anti Bulging

✅ Safety Valve

✅ Double Screw Handle

✅ Non Fusing Additional Safety Valve

✅ Spring Loaded Safety Devices

✅ 4mm Bottom Thickness

✅ Aluminum Pressure Cooker

✅ Induction Base

✅ Auxiliary Handle

✅ 5.5 Litre Cooker

✅ 5 Year Warranty

Rallison Deluxe Pressure Cooker Review


This Pressure cooker comes with large volume of 5.5 Litres. It is good to prepare large quantity of food. The best part is that the Lid of this Pressure Cooker is closed properly and firmly. You just have to put up a little pressure from top for closing the lid. There is a safety valve too which is good in case of malfunction of the whistle it works well.

Another design factor which we loved is the Auxiliary handle. Once you fix this handle it is easy to pickup the cooker properly using both the handles and place on the gas top with ease.


We prepared Rice and Dal with this pressure cooker. The experience was quite smooth. Within 3 whistles Rice and Dal were cooked and prepared with ease in this Pressure cooker. The safety valve feature is good as it prevents the cooker from bursting which is great.

This cooker can also be used on Induction as it is having induction base. Using the cooker is very good and it was a pleasant experience all together.

Final Verdict

Let it be parties or many guests or good amount of family members at your home, you can now prepare food with ease with this Pressure Cooker with large volume of 5.5 litres. We liked the safety valve feature, large volume, auxiliary handle and also good 5 years warranty. We would certainly recommend this Pressure cooker which comes with good build quality and usage.

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