Plum Body Lovin Body Oil Review

Nourishing your body in winter is important and you can use Body Oils for the same. Today we have Plum body Lovin body oils.

Plum Body Lovin Vanilla Body Oil Review

This is the Hawaiian Rumba. It is a very nice body oil and in this winter season you need body oil to nourish your skin. It is nasty free, cruelty free and judgement free. It is for all.

You can use for all body types and after post shower, you can use it. It is having in MRP of rupees 550 only. It is having great product design. Hawaiian Rumba fragrance is so heavenly it will remind you of sunbathing. This is a very nice fragrance body oil. You can use body Oil, this winter season. It’s a must have for this winter season. 

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Plum Body Lovin Vanilla Body Oil Review

This is the Plum Body Lovin body oil Vanilla Vibes. It is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin. Asoothing body oil that locks in moisture deeply moisturizes your skin and helps to reduce skin pigmentation. The non greasy light weight formula leaves your skin feeling nourished and smooth.

It is having a fragrance like Vanilla cupcake. If you like Vanilla then you will certainly love this product. It is having avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and 8 nourishing oils as well. It helps to reduce skin pigmentation. 

Check out the below video of how you can use both these body oils. There’s a very nice seal when you open the lid. These have a very nice product design. It for external use only. Take few drops in your hand and massage gently on your body especially on your hand.

You can use it properly on your forearms, neck and legs. Slather on to your heart’s content. Best used just after a shower. After shower it’s important to nourish your body. Your body will be remain moisturized. It is non sticky, that is really amazing.

We have been using these Body Lovin Body Oils from plum and these are just amazing. If you want to purchase, don’t forget to check out the link in below. These are must buy products in this winter season.

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