Onelife Whey Protein Isolate Review – For Muscle Recovery

Are you looking for the right Whey protein which will supplement your workout and fitness efforts? Well then you must know about Onelife Whey Protein Isolate. We have used it for a week and sharing our experience.

Onelife Whey Protein Isolate Features

✅ 100% Whey Isolate

✅ 83% pure isolate per serving

✅ Lean Muscle Building

✅ Helps in Muscle Recovery

✅ Enhances Strength

✅ Digizyme for better digestion and absorption of nutrients

✅ Delicious chocolate flavour

✅ Easy to dissolve

✅ Higher absorption

✅ 25g protein per serving

✅ 6.2g BCAA’s per serving

✅ 12.9g Essential Amino acids per serving

✅ 4.7 g glutamic acid

✅ 1KG Whey isolate has 33 servings

✅ Scoop included in the container

Our Experience

The protein is received in proper sealed quality container. We have used it extensively for a week and results are quite amazing with Onelife Whey Protein Isolate. After COVID lock-down joined the gym and within a week I am seeing great results in my physique using proper workout, diet and consuming Onelife Whey Protein Isolate.

Its very easily dissolvable with water when you use a shaker. The taste of this protein is very delicious. I liked the fact that it digests well too. I used it post workout and now have started using it pre-workout as well. It gives a boost in energy during workouts. Also after workout you don’t feel hungry for atleast 2 hours as it provides immense amount of calories.

How to use

Take 1 scoop(30g) of Onelife Whey Protein Isolate and mix with 180-240ml water in a shaker for 15-30 seconds. Consume pre workout and post workout for best results.

Final Verdict

This is a pure Whey Protein Isolate and the amount of protein per serving is great. If you are looking Whey protein for muscle recovery, lean mass gain and also for fat loss this protein is amazing. This protein is value for money for sure and available for a steal deal.

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