Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Review – Original & Bhoot

Do you love spicy food? We love it too. Do you use hot sauce in your food or in your snacks. Well you will enjoy the food and get utmost taste with a hot sauce. Today we have Naagin Hot Sauces.

Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Review - Original & Bhoot
Naagin Indian Hot Sauce: Original & Bhoot

Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Original Review

We’ll talk about the various features of this Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Original. Also will share our experience of the taste of this Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Original.

Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Original Review
Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Original

These are some of the ingredients mentioned on the package. Some of these are water, onion, tomato, chillies(bhavnagri chillies, sankeshwari chillies), sugar, vinegar, garlic, vegetable oil, Rice bran oil, soya sauce. Sugar, soyabeans, wheat flour, Spice extract, flavour enhancers, preservatives, salt, stabilizer.

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It is having a price of rupees 225. Has a net weight of 230 grams. It is well packed product. Very nice design. The lid has half threading. Its easy to open the lid. Easy to close as well. This is a glass bottle. This is the Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Original. This is a full-bodied uplifter of the bland.

The original is a tantalizing blend of tomatoes, onion and garlic. Perfectly combined with sankeshwari and bhavnagri chillies to bring you a little kick. Sankeshwari chillies are from Maharashtra. It is medium spicy. It suits with every palette. Its heat level is medium as mentioned on the product design.

Very well product design. There are no artificial colours or flavours. High quality, ethically sourced local ingredients. This is a 100% vegetarian product. As mentioned, it has heat level medium. It is medium spicy.

We enjoyed it with homemade hot potato Vadas. It was really very much tasty. You can take decent quantity of this Original Hot Sauce from Naagin. Enjoy the food. If you don’t have any chillies, this is a nice replacement for sure. You can also use it in pizzas, that’s what we’re going to do in future may be.

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Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Bhoot Review

It has heat level of extra spicy. Very interesting name Bhoot. It will certainly attract a lot of people with its unique name. It is having a lot of features which we will certainly talk about. It has a similar kind of design.

It has a lot of ingredients which include water, sugar, onion, chillies(these are lavangi chillies,  Bhut Jholakia chillies) Vegetable oil, Rice bran oil, Celery, Garlic, Vinegar. It also has acidity regulator, salt, Ginger, stabilizer and permitted class 2 preservatives.

Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Bhoot Review
Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Bhoot

There’s also nutritional information mentioned. Store in a cool and dry place. Shake well before use. Best before 9 months from the manufacturing date. Let’s remove the plastic casing. This product does look amazing. Let’s check it out. It’s very easy to open the lid.

This bhoot is extra spicy as mentioned. We can’t wait to check how much spicy is it. Naagin is the perfect blend of complex flavour and Spice for the desi palette. Bhut Jolokia Chillies from Assam. Naagin is the first truly Indian hot sauce.

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Naagin Bhoot Indian Hot Sauce is not for the week of heart or stomach. Its unique and feary flavour comes from the legendary Bhut Jolokia Chillies from North East India. Bhut Jolokia is the world’s spiciest Chili that is actually used for cooking.

Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Review - Original & Bhoot
Enjoy Naagin Indian Hot Sauces with snacks

Beloved by hot sauce and chilli lovers around the world as the ghost paper. Naagin bhoot Indian Hot Sauce is the ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of food. Like Samosas, Pakodas, fries, burgers, momos, hot dogs, idli, dosa and much more. We have experienced both of these products.

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If you’re having this sauce for the first time, this is a caution to you. Kindly take very little amount, because it is very much spicy. It is amazing for people who love spicy food. You can enjoy this Bhoot Hot Sauce from Naagin. It is really very much spicy.

Little quantity will actually help you out to get some good spiciness to the food. Enjoy it with snacks, as we did enjoyed it with potato Vadas. It was really very much tasty. We enjoyed this dish with the amazing Naagin hot sauces. That’s it from our side.

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