MirahBelle Rose Hand Wash & Hand Rub Review

In this pandemic you should keep your hands clean from time to time. For doing the same you need the right hand wash and hand run or sanitizer from time to time. Today we have MirahBelle Rose Hand Wash & Hand Rub. Let us have a look at the features of these products.

MirahBelle Rose Hand Wash & Hand Rub Review

MirahBelle Rose Hand Wash Review

This is a Rose hand wash which is anti septic too. It is having volume of 100ml. The hand wash is having Fragrance Oil too. It is sulphate and Paraben free. Take a small amount in your palm and rub gently on wet hands. You can then wash with clean water. Fragrance oil has great fragrance and has antiseptic benefits. It can act as an antiviral agent too. We liked the fragrance of this hand wash.

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MirahBelle Hand Rub Review

It is having a good product design. It is travel friendly and has 72.9% Iso Propyl Alcohol. It has volume of 50ml. You can carry in your pocket and also you can keep inside your purse or bag. It is an essential item in daily use as you need to use Hand Rub from time to time.

Both these products are made in India and are ideal to buy both as these are needed in this pandemic.

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