mCaffeine Coffee Hand Cream Review

Today we have mCaffeine naked and raw Coffee Hand Cream. Nowadays it’s really important to use a good hand cream, especially in this winter season to keep your hands moisturized. This hand cream comes with coffee with water lily.

mCaffeine Coffee Hand Cream Review

This coffee infused Hand Cream soothes the skin and gets absorbed quickly without any greasiness or stickiness and gives a mattifying effect. This is a travel friendly pack. This is rich antioxidant and coffee makes the skin soft and supple.

This coffee Hand Cream has a lightweight formula and nourishes with its potent ingredients. We will now unbox it. It is in a tube format as we can see. Total net quantity is 50 ml and it is having a price of rupees 325 only. Coffee is a natural source of caffeine which tones the skin.

White water lily in the hand cream soothes the skin and helps in the skin conditioning. We have shown in the video below of how you can apply it. Take a small quantity and massage it on your hands. Focus on dry areas between the fingers and your knuckles and fingertips as well.

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You can use it on your hand. It is FDA approved, SLS free. As mentioned coffee is a very important natural source of caffeine which tones the skin. If you want to use it, make sure you use it on the dry skin to get maximum results.

In this winter season it’s important to not to keep your skin dry at all. This hand cream will come in handy for you. My colleague has been using it since past few days and she is liking the fragrance of it and the use as well. If you want to purchase it don’t forget to check out the link below.

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