Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Review

In today’s fast world we prepare the food and then get busy in our work. Although after some time the food gets cold and you have to heat it again. Well this problem is now solved as you can now keep your food hot in Casserole. So today we have Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Set.

Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Review

So you can keep your hot food in the casserole and can enjoy it even after sometime as it will still remain hot. This is really amazing product as it saves your time and energy in reheating the food. We have been using this Casserole set since long time and we will be sharing our experience in this review.

Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Features

  • Set of 3 Casseroles : 1000ml, 2000ml & 3000ml
  • Air Tight Lid – Firm Lid Retains Food Hot
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to Clean
  • Yogurt Maker – You can make dahi in casserole
  • Durable Finish Standard
  • 100% Food Grade Steel
  • 100% Steel Lid
  • Odorless
  • Keeps the Food Warm
  • Corrosion Resistant Surface
  • Durable – Easy to Unpack, wash and stow away
  • Great for Gifting Purpose
  • BPA Free


This set is a hot food storage container which is made of stainless steel. In the first look you can see the elegant design which is impressive. Another important factor which you can notice is that these casseroles are having 100% Food grade Stainless Steel. These look unique, beautiful and are energy efficient as they keep your food hot for hours at a time. This hotpot keeps your food safe from bacteria and also from any other germs as it keeps the temperature consistent.

Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Review

In the design we can see the special reflective finish which makes it look great in any kitchen for sure. The lid are of 100% stainless steel and you can easily put on the lid and keep your food hot for hours. We liked the reflective part of the design of this royal hotpot stainless steel casserole set.

User Experience

We have been using this casserole set since long time. We generally used it just after preparing lunch and dinner. You can easily keep rotis in the 3000ml capacity casserole. We used the small and medium sized casseroles to keep sabji and dal. Also at times we used them to keep the hot rice.

Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Review

The best part which we experienced is that it keeps the food warm for a long time. So even if you prepare the food and keep it in the casseroles and covering them with lid, you can enjoy the hot food after an hour too. This is an advantage as there is no need to reheat the food which becomes cold if we keep it outside.

Max Fresh Royal Hotpot Stainless Steel Casserole Review

The steel casseroles look shiny and are a must have in your kitchen. Also they looked elegant while serving food on our dining table. The steel quality is great. The product is durable and you can easily unpack and pack it. We also prepared dahi in the smallest casserole of 1000ml. So you can make Dahi/Yogurt at home in this casserole itself.

Final Verdict

This is a must have casserole set in your kitchen and home. It will keep your food warm and adds shine and elegance in your kitchen and on your dining table. This set is also great for gifting purpose. You can gift it to someone who has entered into a new house. These are made of foodgrade steel and we certainly loved them, most recommended at your home. Kindly purchase them from the link below to get the maximum discount.

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