Madilu Organics Onion Hair Shampoo Review

Are you looking for natural hair growth shampoo? Well then you must know about Madilu Organics Onion Hair Shampoo. We have used it for several days and will be sharing our experience. Hair shampoo is an essential need for the nourishment of your hair.

Madilu Organics Onion Hair Shampoo Features

✅ Dandruff Control

✅ Hairfall Control

✅ Hair Regrowth

✅ Hair Damage Repair

✅ Hair Pollution Fighting

✅ Net Volume : 200ml

✅ 22 Hair care natural ingredients

✅ Key Ingredients: Red Onion Extract, Brahmi, Shikakai

✅ Strengthens hair follicles from within scalp

✅ 100% Organic

How to Use

Take adequate quantity of onion shampoo and apply on scalp. Do not wash your hair for 5-10 minutes then wash them with cold water and dry your hair. Use two times a week to get good results. For best results use Madilu Onion Hair Oil first and then use Madilu Onion Hair Shampoo.

Our Experience

We have used this shampoo for a couple of weeks and the results are amazing. Had a little bit of hairfall issue which is now solved with this shampoo. We also used Madilu Onion Hair Oil first and then washed the hair with this shampoo which gave great results. This is 100% organic so there are no chemicals in it. Its very much safe to use it on your hair.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for natural and organic shampoo for hair growth then you must buy this Onion Hair Shampoo.

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