Lass Naturals Ultra Fresh Face Wash Review – Anti Ageing Face Wash

Looking for a good Anti Ageing Face wash? If yes then you must have a look at Lass Naturals Ultra Fresh Face Wash. It is having Brazilian Purple clay and Cherry. It is good for anti ageing, moisturizing, removes impurities. It is also sulphate and paraben free.

Lass Naturals Ultra Fresh Face Wash Review - Anti Ageing Face Wash

This package comes with 20% extra, the total volume is 120 ml that is hundred plus 20 ml. It is having a very good pump action as we can see. Due to ageing, exposure to sun and pollutants there are various reasons you should use a face wash.

It contains Natural ingredients like Brazilian purple clay, Olive leaf extract, Cherry extracts, etc.

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Benefits of Lass Naturals Ultra Fresh Face Wash

This face wash is able to calm and pacify the skin. Purple Brazilian clay is a very good option for those who wish to prevent ageing skin. This clay contains minerals that helps to bring back the former glow. It detoxifies and cleanses your skin, as well as makes it soft, smooth, toned full of radiance.

It is 100% free from paraben, sulfate, animal derivatives, silicones, SLES, SLS and other things. Though you will get decent discount if you check out the link below. This product is not tested on animals and it is having Global natural standard. It is 100% vegan as well.

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User Experience

This face wash removes excess oil and impurities, exfoliates and reduces acne and detoxifies and brightens the skin. We have been using this face wash, since past few days and the experience is just amazing. This is one of the best creamy face which I have ever seen. As we can see in the video, very nice creamy face wash. Very nice fragrance as well.

It is having MRP of rupees 295. Experience is so good. If you are looking for a good face wash for anti ageing purpose and also to get fresh from time to time, then this can be a very good choice. If you want to purchase it, do check out the link below.

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