K’s Kitchen Sauces Review

Do you like sauces and conserve? Well do like them and they add taste to your food too. Rather than preparing the sauces and conserves, its very much time saving and tastier option of grabbing them from the market. What if we tell you about some of the recently tasted sauces and conserve from K’s Kitchen.  

K's Kitchen Sauces Review

K’s Kitchen Moroccan Harissa Review 

These products are proudly made in India. This is a medium spicy sauce made with Southern Mediterranean flavours. Ideal as an accompaniment to stews, soups and tajine. There are no added colour or flavours. There is a notice of refrigeration after opening. Total net weight is 270 gram and price is 165 rupees. If you like Continental then Moroccan harissa sauce is for you. 

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K’s Kitchen WholeGrain Mustard Review

K's Kitchen WholeGrain Mustard Review

An original French recipe. A tart grainy mustard which is perfect with cold cuts, hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. You can also use it in place of mustard paste in Bengali bhetki paturi and to breathe life into a slow cooked stew.

There are nutritional facts mentioned and it is having a price of rupees 150. Total net weight is 250 gram. These are having a lovely packaging. These are glass jars and you can use it for 12 months. After opening it do refrigerate them. It is having price of rupees 150 only. If you like mustard sauce then you will certainly like it.

This is a whole grain mustard, so you can use it for a lot of purposes as mentioned. If you are making hamburgers at home and you can use this mustard sauce.

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K’s Kitchen Bombay Sandwich Mayo Review

K's Kitchen Bombay Sandwich Mayo Review

If you like chatni, is it is similarly to that. A creamy spread combining green coriander and chilli chutney and eggless mayonnaise makes a winning combination. Smooth and spicy for the famous Bombay veggie sandwich also terrific with samosas and bhajias and even Bhelpuri.

There are no added colour or flavour. It is very easy to open and use. You can apply it on sandwiches. It is having inspiration from the streets of Mumbai. The flavours are spicy and chatpata with underlying coolness. You can use it as a DIP with fried snacks or a spread in sandwiches or chapatis.

We enjoyed it with sandwiches and the taste was just amazing. If you want to prepare sandwich, then  there is no need to prepare chutney. Just grab this K’s Kitchen Bombay Sandwich Mayo and the purpose is served. This is one of the tastiest among the lot and we loved it. We highly recommend it and it is having a price of rupees 175 for the net weight of 250 gram. 

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K’s Kitchen Strawberry Conserve Review

K's Kitchen Strawberry Conserve Review

Another favourite from the lot. Who doesn’t love strawberry? We do love it. Only whole strawberries are carefully plucked from the hills of mahabaleshwar and I used in the conserve. The result is chunky with whole strawberries and packed with flavour.

Spread a generous spoonful on toast, mix a dollop into a milkshake or use it on pancakes. We will certainly use it on a toast and we have certainly enjoyed the strawberry conserve. It is having net weight of 330 gram. It’s easy hi to open it and it is having a price of rupees 199 only.

It’s very much delicious. We like strawberry and this is a pure strawberry conserve. Best part is that you can use 12 months from the manufacturing date. In this way shown in the video below, you can apply on a toast and enjoy your breakfast.

You can use it to prepare toast in your breakfast you can also use it in milk shakes or in pancakes. This is a must have in your kitchen and one of our favorites too. 

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K’s Kitchen Malaysian Satay Sauce Review

K's Kitchen Malaysian Satay Sauce Review

A chunky familiar peanut, lemongrass and chilled sauce used with grilled chicken and meats. All you need to do is marinate cubes of chicken or meat with lime juice, brown sugar, garlic and chili powder. Grill barbeque and top with Malaysian Satay sauce. No added colour or flavour.

You can make grilled chicken or meat and you can apply this Malaysian Satay sauce with ease. Will add taste to your meal as well. It is having a price of rupees 180 only and net weight is 270 gram.

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K’s Kitchen Teriyaki Sauce Review

K's Kitchen Teriyaki Sauce Review

This traditional sweet and salty Japanese sauce used to glaze meat and vegetables. All these are sauces 100% vegetarian. It is having net weight of 270 grams and it is having a price of rupees 220. 

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There are a lot of natural or nutritional values mentioned on each and every package. These products are in a very nice and lucrative glass jar. After opening it, most of the jars have a notice that you have to refrigerate them.

After opening the seal make sure you keep it in your refrigerator. You can use it for up to 12 months after manufacturing date. It’s very much important to use the right sauce for the right purpose. K’s kitchen products will certainly help you out.

We have tasted and these products are certainly amazing. One of our favorites was the Bombay Sandwich Mayo. If you want to purchase any of these products check out the link below to get amazing deals and discount.

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