Jyoti Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo Review

You need a good Hair Oil and Hair shampoo on a regular basis. What if we tell you about herbal products which are natural and safe to use. These are Jyoti Herbal Hair and Shampoo.

Jyoti Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo Review

Jyoti Herbal Hair Oil Review

This is an ayurvedic hair oil and has natural ingredients. Hair Oil is needed on a daily basis. Coconut Oil helps to get deep nourishment. Amla Oil makes your hair fall less. Net volume is 200ml. This is an ayurvedic medicine. This is for external use only and needs to be applied on your hair only. It is having Hibiscus Oil which gives shine and luster to your hair.

If you use this Hair oil daily then most of your hair problems will be solved.

Jyoti Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo Review

How to apply Hair Oil

Take some oil and apply on the scalp as shown in the video below. You can also massage your hair. This Hair Oil can be applied at night and keep it overnight for best results. You can then wash off with Jyoti Herbal Hair Shampoo.

Atleast use it 3 times in a week. Once dandruff is stopped the hairfall stops and natural hair growth can happen. This hair oil is made with Kshirpa Method. This is an ancient ayurvedic technique which is used to make Hair Oil.

MRP : INR 215

Jyoti Herbal Hair Shampoo Review

You can use this shampoo regularly for Anti Dandruff, Hair cleaner and for silky hair. The net content is 200ml. It has Aloe Vera Juice. Aloe Vera is good ingredient for your hair. It helps to keep dandruff away from your hair and helps to make your hair softer, thicker and longer.

Jyoti Herbal Hair Oil & Shampoo Review

Aloe Vera natural extract is powerful which is used for beauty treatments. There are natural moisturizing properties in Aloe Vera. After using this shampoo your hair becomes softer and shinier.

This is an ayurvedic shampoo and can be used in the morning. You hair becomes soft, shiny and dandruff free. Its important to use good natural and ayurvedic shampoo and this can be your choice.

MRP : INR 150

For buying, contact them here : +91 9922114105

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