Inwood Organics Body Lotion Review

Today we have Inwood Organics Body Lotion. This Body Lotion is a perfect blend of Vitamin C, Bearberry extract, Licorice root extract and aloe vera that provides triple action on the skin lightening, whitening and brightening. It is for soft, fair and Radiant skin.

Inwood Organics Body Lotion Review

It will give you delicious glow. No parabens, no sulfate, no LLP, no silicone and no Mineral oil. Total volume is 200 ml. There are a lot of details mentioned the package. It is having MRP of rupees 399 only. We will unbox it. We can see a very nice product design.

It is having pump action and it’s a very lucrative design. You must use body lotion, especially in the winter season. It repairs the skin damage, it also brightens the skin tone. It is naturally derived product and it blemishes concealing. Moisturizing effect is there for long lasting hydration.

It is having non-greasy formula. What does the aloe vera extract does is it moisturizes the skin. Bearberry extract reduces sun spots and clear complexion. Vitamin C brightens the skin. As you can see, you can open it and you can use it in a pump action.

There’s a locking system for this product. It is very simple to use and a body lotion is a must in the winter season. If you want to purchase it do check out link below. My colleague has been using it and she is getting some decent results. Body lotion is important and it is good for skin brightening as well.

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