GoshLife Hydra Illuminizer Face Mist Review

Looking for a Face Mist which can also be used as a Toner? You must have a look at GoshLife Hydra Illuminizer Face Mist. It is having a lot of key ingredients, some of them includes Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Allantoin, Arbutin, Rose water and moringa.

GoshLife Hydra Illuminizer Face Mist Review

This Face Mist is a vegan product, it is having organic ingredients, it is paraben free, animal cruelty free, Allergen Free and sulphate free. This Hydra Illuminizer Face Mist hydrates, illuminates, micro renewal and is a good antioxidant. It is having MRP 650 and it is having net volume of hundred ml. It is having very nice product design. It is a lucrative looking face Mist. 

Benefits of GoshLife Hydra Illuminizer Face Mist

✅ It reduces hyper pigmentation and acne scars 

✅ Soothes and smoothens the skin

✅ Brightens the skin

✅ Heals and hydrates the skin

✅ Refreshes and calms the skin

✅ Reduces fine lines

✅ Boosts collagen

✅ It is a very nice lid, there are two lids. 

How to use the Face Mist

Unbox it, open the lids. 

Shake the face mist gently.

Spiritz two to three times from 6 inches away.

Use before makeup to soothe and hydrate. You can also use it after makeup to set and smooth. It can be sprayed on foundation brush or sponge to use with foundation for dewy glow. Can be used throughout the day on top of make-up To rehydrate and re-energize the complexion.

Apply on airplanes or during winter for extra hydration. You can use it anytime very effective. It’s very soothing and gives a refreshing feeling to the skin. It also gives natural glow.

It is suitable for all skin types and you can also use it for setting makeup. It is having a very nice fragrance. We did used this face Mist from GoshLife, which is the Hydra Illuminizer Face Mist and experience was just amazing.

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