Glamour World Glow Active and Glow Shine Solution Review

Today we have Glamour World Ayurvedic Glow Active and Glow Shine Solution. Glow Active solution is having face and body Grains. Total net weight is 200 gram. It helps in lightening skin, blemishes also keeps the face and body glowing and smooth.

Glamour World Glow Active and Glow Shine Solution Review
Glamour World Glow Active and Glow Shine Solution

It is having an MRP of rupees 185. Though will get decent discount if you check out the link below. Kindly watch the video below of how you can use it as well. It has to be used with the Glamour World Glow Shine Solution.

Glamour World Glow Shine Solution

This is for Oily and Sensitive skin. It is having volume of 200 ml. It lightens skin blemishes, controls acne, rashes, leaves skin with luminous bright complexion. Calms sensitive and irritated skin. It is having MRP of rupees 290 as mentioned you will get decent discount if you check out the link below. Both the Glow Active face and Body Grains enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients. 

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How to make the Glow Active Face Pack

Take one spoon of the Glow Active. Add one spoon Glow Shine solution into it. You can mix it well. Then you can start applying it. You can use a face brush. In this way as shown in the video below, you can start applying it on your face. 

Pro Tip: If you only have the Glamour World Glow Active then you can also add water and apply it on your face and body. Though if you have Glamour world Glow Shine solution that is well and good and you can apply it on your face and neck. 

Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes and you will see it becomes dry.  Take water and start rubbing it and then you can slowly wash it off. It is very much natural and easy to use. There are all natural ingredients, there is very nice instant glow on face. 

Later on you can use the Glamour  World’s Serum on your face to get instant glow. If you have glamour world serum then it’s well and good or you can use any other serum as required. You can apply the serum to get instant glow and Shine on your face. 

It can give you a fair and glowing body. Instantly glow shine is a natural astringent recommended for oily and sensitive skin. It does tightens pores, removes excess oil and maintains skin pH. 

This is a very natural way to make your face and body shine. We do recommend to buy it in a combo that is the Glow Active and Glow Shine solution together to get best results. We have been using it since past few days and the results are good. If you want to purchase them do check out the link below to purchase both of these products from glamour world. 

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