Foligain Hair Lotion Review

Are you looking for the perfect hair lotion for your hair? Then you must have a look at Foligain Hair lotion with new advanced formula. It is having 100ml volume. It is a hair growth enhancer and has MRP of rupees 499. It is having ethicare remedies seal.

Foligain Hair Lotion Review

It is with hair activities and hair nutrients. Foligain is rich with natural ingredients. Foligain is very tolerable and safe for long term use. Foligain strengthens hair root and hair shaft. This serum makes the hair soft and manageable. It protects the hair from UV rays as well. 

Take a small quantity of foligain hair lotion and gently apply on the scalp till it is evenly absorbed. Do not rub vigorously. Apply foligain hair lotion beginning at the centre of the affected area and spread to cover the entire affected area.

Apply Foligain hair lotion when hair and scalp are clean and dry. Foligain hair lotion should not be applied to other parts of the body. Foligain hair lotion should be kept for at least 6 to 8 hours after application. You can use it once or twice daily, for best results and speedy Regrowth when applied alone or along with your hair care Regime.

This serum makes your hair soft and manageable. It helps in styling, reduces hair loss, it is suitable for all hair types, applied for growth simulating. This is natural hair growth enhancer. This is a very good hair lotion and we have been using it since past few days and the results are amazing.

If you are having any hair growth issues then you must use this foligain hair lotion. If you want to purchase it don’t forget to check out the link below.

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