Eyova Egg Oil Review

Want to take care of your hair from time to time? Well hair growth is a problem for many. Today we have Eyova Egg Oil. We’ll talk about the details of this product. It is having net volume of 50 ml. It is having net weight of 45 gram. This is the hair nutrient.

Eyova Egg Oil Review

Eyova Egg Oil Review

It supplements you hair with the nutrition it needs. These are some of the details mentioned on the box of this hair oil. This is a premium hair oil from Eyova. Egg Oil is good for hair growth. As per the company, Eyova is the world’s first hair nutrient made from Egg Oil for the entire hair health.


These are the ingredients which are Oleova, Canola Oil and fragrance. There are various benefits of this hair oil. Some of them are: 

Promotes hair growth

Prevents premature hair loss

Prevents premature hair graying

Repairs hair damage

Reduces dandruff and improves scalp condition

Improves hair shine and luster.

It is for external use only. It is also mentioned that stop use in case of allergic reaction. These are some of the benefits mentioned. It is having the MRP of rupees 590 only. Though if you want amazing discount, never forget to check out the link in the description below.

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There are directions of use as well. This hair oil has good cholesterol and antioxidants in the egg oil which help in repairing the hair damage. There are biotins, Omega 3 and 6 in the egg oil which improves blood circulation and cell growth, thus stimulating hair growth.

Again the price is mentioned in the bottle. As we can see there is a red mark but don’t get afraid as it is going to be applied on your hair.

Directions to Use

There are some directions of use. Shake well before use, massage Eyova well into scalp and leave on for at least three hours.

Preferably overnight, use twice a week. Minimum 4 Weeks For viable results. Continued long term usage is recommended. These are some of the important directions of use for this hair oil. We will certainly check out soon. This hair oil is 100% natural.

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It is a traditional and natural path to the healthy hair. Eggs are nature’s nutritional storehouse. We have opened the bottle. This is the egg oil. The fragrance is also nice. You can certainly apply it on your hair. Benefits of egg oil for hair is even mentioned in the books of Ayurveda.

User Experience

The bioactive components of egg yolk rejuvenates on hair follicles to repair and strengthen hair. If you are looking for an organic and effective solution for Hair Growth, Eyova is the way for you. Recently we have started using it.

While applying make sure that you use it on your scalp to get good results. We have recently started using it. We are feeling good as well. If you want to purchase this product, do check out the link below.

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