Eon Non Stick Sparkle Kadai with Lid Review

A good quality Kadai is a necessity in kitchen. The most important usage of a kadai is to make sabji in it and also you can make multiple recipes. If you are looking for a quality non stick kadai that too with Lid then you must know about Eon Sparkle Non Stick Kadai with Lid. Eon and Aurum cookware come from the same manufacturer and have great quality. In this review we will explain about its features, design and also our User Experience as we have been using it for many days. Let us first have a look at the features of this Kadai.

Eon Non Stick Sparkle Kadai with Lid Review

Eon Non Stick Sparkle Kadai with Lid Features

  • Diameter : 24 cm & 3 Litre capacity
  • Non Stick Kadai with Lid
  • Strong & Durable Cookware
  • Safe to use on Induction
  • Safe to use on Gas
  • Safe to use on Electric
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for multipurpose cooking
  • Less oil required for cooking
  • Matte finish inside and shiny finish outside
  • Free from any harmful chemicals
  • Color : Maroon
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Transparent Glass Lid
  • Sturdy & Comfortable soft touch Handle for Excellent Grip
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Hot Plate and Induction cooktop
  • Very Good Temperature Resistance
  • High Scratch Resistance

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This Maroon color non stick kadai looks stylish and elegant in design. It is made with Weilburber German Technology to offer excellent surface design and guarantee the perfect non stick effect. It is manufactured with Precision Engineering from heavy gauge virgin aluminum. The Glass Lid Fits perfectly on top of the non stick kadai.

Eon Non Stick Sparkle Kadai with Lid Review

This kadai has sturdy & comfortable soft touch handles for excellent grip. It has Induction bottom which can be used on a gas stove and also on an induction or electric stove. This is certainly a high quality product.

User Experience

We are using the Kadai since past few days and sharing our experience. The best part of the kadai is that it is non stick and also it has induction bottom. So we used it on both Gas Stove and also on an Electric Stove the Kadai performed really well on both. The food gets cooked easily and quickly. This is a multi purpose Kadai and you can use it to make several dishes. It can be used to make sabji and also other recipes.

Eon Non Stick Sparkle Kadai with Lid Review

We prepared delicious Paneer sabji using this kadai and we were glad to see the great performance of this kadai. Within few minutes the food was cooked uniformly. It really takes very less oil for cooking. So it will save your cooking oil and is good for health too. As it is non stick kadai, the cleaning process was very easy and simple. So there were no stains and easily the kadai gets cleaned. With the product you also get a wooden spatula and a non stick friendly scrub.

Eon Non Stick Sparkle Kadai with Lid Review

Final Verdict

Overall we are happy with this non stick Kadai. It is easy to use and cooks food uniformly and quickly. As it is non stick, its very easy to clean. As it has a glass transparent lid which is helpful to see through if the food is cooked or not. This is a must have kadai in your kitchen. Check out the link below for amazing discount.

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