EK 22K Gold Plated Muticolor CZ Stone Evil Eye Bracelet Review

Are you looking for a very unique jewellery which is stylish and elegant too? Well then you must know about EK 22K Gold Plated Muticolor CZ Stone Evil Eye Bracelet. EK is a brand by Ekta Kapoor. They have products which are designed thoughtfully. These products are handcrafted by artisans and to promote Indian craftsmanship. A bracelet is a very beautiful ornament for any girl or woman and what if you get a 22K gold plated one which is designed uniquely and looks beautiful.

EK 22K Gold Plated Muticolor CZ Stone Evil Eye Bracelet

Now you can elevate your personal style with stunning Evil Eye bracelet. It is a powerful symbol of protection and is certainly believed to keep you away from danger.

Some of the key highlights of this bracelet:

  1. Powerful Symbol of Protection
  2. 22K Gold Plating on Metal
  3. Contemporary & Stylish
  4. Made in Certified Sedex Factory.

Weight is under 10gms and material is metal and coated with 22K gold. This bracelet is a part of Spiritual Jewellery Collection. This beautiful bracelet not only offers beauty but also believed to ward off negativity and realign good energy and balance around you. EK’s spiritual jewellery is believed to provide you luck, protection and strength to the wearer.

If we talk about the design of this bracelet then its really very much thoughtful. Its elegant, beautiful and really appealing for sure. It looks like an eye which is there for your protection and is said to provide you luck. This is a unique jewellery item. The best part is that it is gold plated which will increase its durability for sure.

Easy to use and you can adjust the size of the bracelet after wearing to make it perfectly fit on your wrist. Overall quality of this bracelet is superb. If you are looking for a bracelet then you must opt for it as it has a very budget friendly price too. Whenever we buy any jewellery we look for its authenticity. You don’t need to worry about this product as it is having pure 22K gold plating and also will look great on you.

The bracelet has a very nice color combos. The best part is that you can use it on any outfit. Whether its casual, western or even traditional outfit, this bracelet will be suitable on any color outfit too. After wearing this bracelet you will certainly feel positive vibes. That’s really essential in today’s world.

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