Dr Ortho Balm Review

Do you experience muscle pain at times? Well then you must use the right pain relief for it. Today we have an important product. This is the Doctor Ortho Balm. It is helpful in pain conditions and Dr Ortho is one of the Asia’s most promising brand as validated by the consumers and industry.

Doctor ortho balm has net weight of 40 grams. We will do the unboxing of this product soon. It is important to use the right product whenever you are in pain. This is a very much important pain relief balm. Will also test it out. Do watch the video till end.

Dr Ortho Balm Review

This is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and each 40 gram contains a lot of things. It is having Nilgiri Tel, Gandhpura Tel, Tarpen Tel, Pudina, Karpur, Dalchini Tel, Lavang Tel. These are some of the important oils which are there. Indications is, helpful for pain in joints and muscles, strain, sprain, stiff joints and back pain.

Direction of use

Apply locally and massage the balm gently on the affected areas or as directed by the physician.

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It is having a price of rupees 136. Very nice packaging. As mentioned earlier, it is having MRP of 136 rupees. It is important to use the right Balm as mentioned earlier. Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm is a perfect blend of 7 Herbs that are effective to relieve headache, neck pain, back pain, knee pain and also helpful in cold, cough, chest congestion and pain because of cold.

In this way as shown in the video you can apply it on your joints. Wherever you have pain, you can apply like this. Generally while working on computers on laptops you can have some slight pain on hand joints. This is the Doctor Ortho Balm.

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We had used it when we had a slight pain in our neck and also in our hands during workout. I had some neck pain and doctor ortho balm did help me to relieve it for sure. If you want to purchase this product, check out the link below to get decent discount.

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