Dev Pav Bhaji Review

Who doesn’t love Pav Bhaji? Well it is a delicious Indian dish especially enjoyed during breakfast or basically anytime. Pav Bhaji is to be experienced outdoors especially in Cafes like the Dev Pav Bhaji. What if I tell you that you can not only enjoy delicious Pav Bhaji but other food items in the Cafe which are not only delicious but available at very reasonable rates.


This cafe is located in Premlok Park Colony in Chinchwad of Pune District. Although you can checkout the Google Map Link here. This location is stated exactly in between from the Chinchwad, Akurdi and Chinchwad Railway station. So you can easily come by walking from these 3 destinations too. For people in PCMC area this cafe is one of the best in terms of the taste of Pav Bhaji. A must visit cafe for sure.



It is a spacious cafe which has many tables. So there is no problem for seating arrangement, it can easily handle more than 32 people at a time. A good place for students to hang out and for youngsters and even for the elderly people. There is nice fragrance of Pav Bhaji when you visit near the cafe and this is what attracted us to visit the Dev Pav Bhaji.


There is Hand sanitizer stand at the entrance of the cafe and there is a wash basin too in case you want to wash your hands in the cafe. This is really important these days in the pandemic. The chef also is well dressed and you will immediately notice him as you enter the cafe. The staff is welcoming and easily available in case you need to order anything. They accept the payment by cash and by UPI too.


There were many dishes offered in the Cafe though we ordered and tasted few of them which included:

Dev Special Pav Bhaji

Dev Special Pav Bhaji

If you visit this cafe, then you must order Dev Special Pav Bhaji. Its very delicious and yummy. It is mouth watering Pav Bhaji and they use Amul Butter which brings amazing taste to it. You can order more Pav to enjoy this Pav Bhaji more.

Veg Tawa Pulav

Veg Tawa Pulav

If you love rice then you must have the Veg Tawa Pulav. You won’t even realize how fast it goes into your stomach. With Pav Bhaji you can enjoy the Pulav which can be a complete meal.

Cheese Masala Pav

One of our favourite dish from the visit is this Cheese Masala Pav. If you love spicy food then you must order this Cheese Masala Pav. Spicy with Cheese unique combo for sure.

Cheese Toast Sandwich

If you just want to enjoy Coffee or Tea then Cheese Toast sandwich can be a companion for you.

Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich

Having sandwich at home and at Cafe is a totally different experience. Especially this yummy veg cheese grill sandwich will crave you to order more.

Cheese Pizza

Pizza lovers who want only cheese to be primary ingredient can enjoy this cheesy pizza.

Mango Mastani

After having so much of delicious pav bhaji, desserts are a must. Mango Mastani is the best. It is very mush delicious and lip smacking. The taste of mango, and ice cream with dry fruits makes it a great combination. A must have if you visit the Cafe.

Pista Mastani

Pista Mastani

Mastani in Pista flavour and delicious dry fruits made it our second option to have. Do watch the video below, this mastani can’t be expressed in words, you have to watch it. If you crave for it, then visit Dev Pav Bhaji.

Final Verdict

One of the Best Pav Bhaji we had since lockdown. You must visit Dev Pav Bhaji if you are around the PCMC Area. Masala Pav and Mango Mastani were our favourites and very delicious. The chef really puts in efforts for making such delicious Pav Bhaji. Do visit and share your experience in comments below. Also watch the video of what experience we had.

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