BioAyurveda Argan Shea Body Lotion Review

Looking for a Body Lotion for Deep nourishment and Skin Strength? You must know about BioAyurveda Argan Shea Body Lotion. It is for deep nourishment and skin strength. It is for stainable self-care and has net weight of 200 gram.

BioAyurveda Argan Shea Body Lotion Review

Glowing and supple skin requires a daily dose of care, nourishment and hydration. For centuries, Argan and Shea has been used as a natural remedy to restore skin health. Organ shea body lotion is non greasy.

There are lot of certifications. This is a 100% organic product and is GMP certified as well and FDA approved too. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. Shea butter locks the moisture, age defying properties. This is for both men and women. This moisturizing body lotion is great.

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It is having MRP of rupees 599 only. This shea butter can be used for rough, dry, itchy, irritated and cracked skin. This bottle is having pump action. It is best to apply the body lotion, especially immediately after the shower.

There are no Chemicals or Synthetics in this body lotion. It is complete natural and organic and also non-greasy. It also curbs dryness, sagging stretch marks, Rash sensitivity and fatigue. There are lot of features of this organ shea body lotion. 

How to use BioAyurveda Argan Shea Body Lotion

Apply a dollop on clean skin and gently massage. 

BioAyurveda Argan Shea Body Lotion Review

Benefits of BioAyurveda Argan Shea Body Lotion

✅ Intense nourishment is given to the skin

✅ It boosts skin resilience

✅ Boosts skin vitality

✅ Provides tissue generation

✅ Enables collagen production

✅ Enhances luminosity

✅ Relaxes and eases stress

There are a lot of benefits of using this body lotion and it’s very simple to use as well. Especially in the winter season you must use body lotion on a daily basis and also if your skin is dry then you must use a body lotion. It can be used by both men and women. The experience is just fabulous with it. 

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