Bake King Vanilla Flavour Review , Bake King Butterscotch Flavour Review

Looking for adding some tasty flavours to your dishes while baking? Today we have interesting Baking products.

Bake King Vanilla Flavour Review , Bake King Butterscotch Flavour Review

Bake King Vanilla Flavour Review

This is the Bake King Vanilla flavour. It is having Vanilla flavour drops which are premium quality water soluble intense flavour, which provides an exceptionally efficient method of adding flavour. It is one of the most used and most liked flavours.

Bake King, these are ideal for flavouring cake, icings, fondant, icecream, sherbet, cup cake, pastry, sauces, cream and much more. They can also be used for jams, jellies, cookies and a lot of stuff. As we can see it is having a price of rupees 250.

You can purchase it from the link in the description below. It is having a net volume of 30 ml. Will show you how you can use it. Use 2-3 drops for 250 gram cake. In this way you can put some drops and give a nice flavour to your cake.

Will make it very much delicious. We have used it in a cake and will soon use it for other recipes as well. It is a very much premium product from Bake King. Do have it. 

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Bake King Butterscotch Flavour Review

This is the butterscotch flavour from Bake King. They are a highly concentrated, versatile, multi use product for both food and liquid preparations. These are having authentic quality. No sugar, no fake colours. Bake King believes in pure and potent flavours.

This is a 100% vegetarian product. This is one of the best quality product. We have used butterscotch flavour in some of the dishes like for cakes. You can also use it for jams, jellies, cookies, ice creams and sherbat. There are a lot of ingredients mentioned on the package.

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It is free from alcohol. Shake well before use, that is the note there. It is having MRP of rupees 250 as well. Best part is that it is having best before 12 months from the date of packing. You can use within one year which is really amazing.

Only few drops of essence is required for preparing anything. Usually you can use it for cakes and on ice cream. You can make delicious butterscotch ice cream using it. We did love this flavour, it is one of our favourite flavours. If you want to purchase it don’t forget to check out the link below.

We have used both these products extensively. We have used recently in a delicious rava cake. We used the vanilla flavour and it was really amazing taste. If you want to add flavour to your cake, ice cream this is one of the best flavours for sure. It was a very much delicious cake.

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We did loved it and many of our family and friends loved it. Cake was delicious due to this Vanilla flavour from Bake King. If you want to grab it, do check out the link in the description below. These are premium products from Bake King which are 100% pure and very much effective as well. Do check out the link below.

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